I got this letter in the mail.and i dnt get what it means.help?

I got this letter in the mail.and i dnt get what it means.help? Topic: Case status court meaning
July 21, 2019 / By Ilean
Question: so to give you guys details, i put my grandfather in jail, for something, but he made bail [this was last year] [2007] i dont know how long ago this letter came, because i found it in my moms pile of stuff already opened. and she never told me about it. so heres the part i dont understand.... it says..... the ocean county grand jury has considered the evidence in the above matter and returned an indictment for the above charges. this case will now be placed on a court schedule. in the event that the defendent enters a plea of guilty which is acceptable to the court and to the prosecutor, the need for a trial would be eliminated. we will keep you informed as to the status of this case is it proceeds through the system. what does that mean? please tell me!!
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Best Answers: I got this letter in the mail.and i dnt get what it means.help?

Effie Effie | 10 days ago
It means that unless your grandfather pleads guilty to the crime that he is accused of, he is going to go to trial (and probably prison). I suggest that he gets a good defense attorney, especially if he was indicted by a grand jury.
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Chelle Chelle
The grand jury heard the case from the prosecutor and decided it was a strong enough case to go forward to trial and try to get him convicted of whatever crime they were looking at. So he had formal charges put against him, and it went on the judge's schedule to go to trial. If he entered a plea of guilty, the trial would be canceled and they would let you know. If that doesn't make sense, do a question to me and I'll break it down a little further for you, no problem.. :)
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Arlie Arlie
The grand jury found enough evidence to put him on trial. Now he can 1) plead guilty and avoid a trial or 2) plead not guilty ,get an attorney, go to trial Why would your mother ignore a government document?
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Zechariah Zechariah
It means your grandfather's case was brought before the Grand Jury, who found that the evidence was strong enough to take him to court. If your grandfather pleads guilty, there is no need for a trial. If he pleads innocent, he will go to trial at a future date.
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Simeon Simeon
It says your grandfather was charged wit ha crime, and he will have a trial. As a witness, you will be kept informed as to when the date of the trial is. Since you don't check your mail often, why not call the number on the letter today and see what the current status is. Then check your mail more often if you didn't already miss the trial.
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Omri Omri
You pressed charges. The Grand Jury decided that the case had merit. Your Grandfather is now facing trial...unless he admits his guilt, in which case a sentence will be imposed without a trial. It also means that you need to advise the County Clerk to forward all future mailings for you to your new address. It also means that your Mother has committed a Felony in intercepting your mail, and opening it (unless you're both named the same). You'll need to talk to your Mother about WHY she did so. Finally, you will have to file a Change of Address Notification with the Post Office, and keep it up for a couple of months. I am, of course assuming that you are NOT living with your Mother. If you are living with your Mother, and are old enough, rent a PO box and file the Change Of Address as above. A Change Of Address tells the Post Office to re-route your mail to "the below noted address." It is automatic, and runs for a couple of months.
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Lawrie Lawrie
Mom isn't helping, you need to contact a defense attorney before you go to the DA. A trial is imminent if grandpa does not plead guilty.
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Jachin Jachin
Sounds like your grandfather is going to go to trial unless he pleads guilty. They will let you know what happens. If he goes to trial, you will probably be called to testify.
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Fingal Fingal
It sounds like they are asking him to plead guilty to avoid a trial. Call the DA and find out what's going on.
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