How much work are puppies/dogs?

How much work are puppies/dogs? Topic: Dog training homework
July 18, 2019 / By Iesha
Question: i really want to get a dog, so i would get one as a puppy. i want a tiny one. however, my parents are being annoying and saying we cant get one cuz theyre way too much work. is that true? and also, wat are cute small dogs that i could get?
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Effi Effi | 9 days ago
dogs are a big responsibity. 1) Feed/water daily 2) Taken outside...a lot esp as puppies. Also, puppies must go out several times during the night b/c they can't "hold it" until they are older. 3) Daily walks...sometimes 2 a day if they're big 4) Taken to groomers 5) Taken to vet 6) Given meds monthly for fleas/worm prevention 7) Given meds when sick 8) Clean up after potty accidents 9) Baths 10) SPEND TIME!!!! Dogs aren't like cats...the can't be left along long ammounts of time b/c they are pack creatures and will miss you if you're gone long ammounts of time. 11) Socialization! Take them to dog park...dog store...dog socials 12) Be prepared to train them!!!! Train them: sit stay drop-it wait leave-it come (any cute tricks) With EXTRA time... high-five spin dance fetch catch roll-over This means.......12) Take them to pet training. NOW....factor in how much time you spend in school...how much time for your homework.....how often do you go out w/ your friends......how many extra club and sports are you in.....do you go to your friends on weekend? If you're not yet in HS you may decide to spend more time w/ friends and/or be in more activites. Add it up.... 8hrs for school, 1 hr hw, 1hr for an activity...say 6hrs sleep....24hrs - 16hrs = 8 hours at min. to acomplish goals w/ puppy. This doesn't include time w/ friends! Do you think you have time for a pup? See why your parents are concerned they'll be raising a dog? It's a big responsiblity...and you must appricate that responsibilty before you can have a dog. good luck.
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Brill! Now do it without the treats and no cheating, don't set it up so she does it in the order you 'normally' do it, don't always ask for the same trick in the same order, eg always 'sit' 'down' 'stand' something like sit , twirl, down and don't rush it take it slowly. You want it to work but don't set it up so it does it is the human relearning something we don't now use because our verbal and written skills are good and so we don't need it, she knows it, dogs understand it....and be careful you are not giving her micro body language cues. Dogs learn very quickly and will learn even quicker when you don't confuse them with spoken language, they will try each 'trick' they know to get what they think you want, so be careful she is not just running through tricks she knows until she gets a treat. Add: Ellen, yes it does work if the dog can't see you such a out of sight obedience 'waits', giving a card to the owner with a cue on it, they think about it and their dog will do it, however some of the team of dogs also react to the thought cue from other handlers, however the same dogs will react from verbal cues from other owners Also see above my warning re:micro body language Add: 'MYDOGRULES' As you haven't had the benefit of seeing most of the research done on this, or even observing it.One thing is very important each 'trick' must have a clear picture. EG 'leave' is a verbal command taught so the dog understands but dosen't have a 'picture' in your head as you can command it for many things and so the 'picture' changes depending on what you want her to leave, so can create confusion, where as 'ball' has a picture, you can visulise a ball, so in your head you can command ball and picture it, in your head you can then visulise 'reach it' ( if you have taught that command).All this works when the dog knows it is in training/work mode, so I teach on/ off verbal cues associated with pictures on = 'work' and off= 'free' for general training & usefiul in this work. Beta is the so-called conscious level of mind. Alpha and Theta form the subconscious regions of the mind's operation, and Delta is the unconscious region of thought activity. These states form the spectrum of mind operation.Small children function mainly at the Theta, Alpha and Delta states of mind, as do animals, so their brain waves work are more compatable with animals in the way they think,so if you know a child who is a dog lover & understands dog training this can work very well. Human adults operate mostly at Beta, so you need to develop the dogs brain waves(and yours), that is Alpha, Beta Delta and Theta brain waves working together to achieve consistant results,with adults. This is where TTouch comes in as it can change habitual ways of thinking in animals and humans and as well as that the more new 'tricks' you train a dog the more you develop their brains,the easier it is for them to learn the next trick because you are utilising what would be unused neutal pathways. You also need to understand some NLP with regards to micro body lanugage, dogs work on this and understand it very well as do many highly trained interigators, counsellors, teachers etc. Found a site which could help you with the basics on this one. http://www.ict4us.com/r.kuijt/en_nonverb... As I have said before, humans generally don't use thought transfer or micro body language as our written and verbal skills have taken over as they are more affective for us and so when you don't use it you lose it. All I am doing is researching communication skills used in the past for a modern approach to communicating with dogs, mixing human/animal researched based work and trying to extend it.

Chastity Chastity
Think of a puppy/dog as a child, they get into everything, potty training. Dogs are a long time commitment and can be expensive. I do agree with everyone else. be sure to pick a breed that will work with your family. You dont want a high active dog that needs to be taken for walks if no one in your family like to exercise (if any of that makes sense). Im sure there are websites that help you choose the right breed for you.
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Arlene Arlene
Puppies are a LOT of work. If you are going to keep the puppy in the house it has to be let out every few hours. You also have to potty train the dog which is a great deal of work and requires getting up in the middle of the night. They need lots of love and attention. Also dogs need obedience training and that is daily work unless you can afford to pay someone else to do it for you! Dogs are great but they are like babies. Just be sure that you research the breed of dog you are getting before to make sure that it matches your needs and lifestyle.
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Zebulun Zebulun
Yes puppy are a TON of work. But with patience you can get so much accomplished. But if you insist on getting a dog. I recommend getting one from a shelter. Thank about it. If you were a dog and had a bad life. Wouldn't you love to be rescued and taken care of. You'd obey if you loved them. So treat the dog well and be persistent and calm then a lot can be accomplished. As for the breed recomendation you could check out a Australian Terrier, Bichon Frise, Poodle, Miniature Schnauzer, or a Pug
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Sim Sim
They're a lot of work and it's a long commitment. Small dogs can easily live 10-15 years. If you somehow manage to convince your parents, don't select a dog just because it's cute. Research the needs of the breed and pick one that suits your family's lifestyle. Everyone will be much happier.
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Omar Omar
My dog Marley is with me 100% of the day and night. He is constantly trying to do things he thinks he can get away with. Remember, who is going to take care of puppy when you are at school or out with friends? Your parents. Are you willing to put that on them for the next 10 or so years of little fluffy's life. Also little Fluffy wont be a cute small dog after 6 months. Try reading up on training, care and responsibilities of your cute dog then present it to mom and dad. You can find free info and stuff at the site below good luck
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Lawrence Lawrence
Some low maintenance dogs are boxers, and chiwawas. Chiwawas only want to be held and pet, and boxers will sleep all day long, but need a walk once or twice a month. If you have a back yard, no need to take him/her on a walk. Just get the some tennis balls and squeaky toys and they will be very happy! I hope this helped!
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Jabin Jabin
they are a lot of work. when they are puppies they cry at night and goto thebathroom in the house. but if your looking for something vute get a cockapoo.
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