Would it be possible to write a book like this without it being compared to Twilight?

Would it be possible to write a book like this without it being compared to Twilight? Topic: Ideas for writing a book about vampires
July 19, 2019 / By Hunter
Question: Well, first of all, it's about Vampires. :O and it'll be Young Adult, since I am 14...and don't you start telling me I have no experience ._. But yea. These are like the real, can't go out into the sunlight Vampires that suck peoples blood. But, better yet, these vampires will MAUL people. Hehe... Also, of course, they will be strong and stuff, and really fast, but aren't all vampires like that? There will be no love in the story. Well, maybe. See, if I could get my books published, I'd want to write a series, and so, maybe a bit of love in the 3rd book.. Also, the main characters will be a boy and a girl, but the girl will be 15, and boy 16 (really like, 700+...) Yea. Think I could, because I couldn't STAND if my book was compared to Twilight. But, it won't take place in a high school... Yea. What do you think? Let me add a few things then, see if it is still too much like Twilight. Well, first of all, someone said 'Why is a 15 year old girl skipping school." Ever heard of nighttime? Yea. Okay, the 'Vampire world' (there's going to be a name for it, just dunno what...) is underground. And all of them are 'family' and there won't only be vampires ...hm what else.. your squeezing all of my ideas. but yea. It just kinda SUCKS, when a crap book like Twilight (sorry fans) makes it impossible to write a vampire book. What makes it so much like Twilight, anyways? Ehh you person, are making me say my whole plot line. Let's just say, there are some problems, not with the family, something else, and sometimes, she tends to wander like at 8 or 9.
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Edwina Edwina | 3 days ago
I say go for the story. But if your worried about people comparing it to twilight, then maybe change it a bit. Because any book with a vampire in it right now, will be compared to that book. So I highly recommend using your amazing imagination, and creating an original creature. Vampire is an overused creation for a fantasy book, make it your own. That would be so awesome!! Take some time to just draw up some ideas. Give your creature and strong personality too. That would be incredible, and you're only 14!! That's really good that you're writing so young! I hope you give that a try!!
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I haven't read Eclipse, but I think a good question would be an opinion on the book, with logical back-ups and stuff. Another essay could be on Edward and Bella's relationship at this point, because I'm sure people will see it in all sorts of ways... because Eclipse is when Eddie leaves, right? So I think that would be a good question. You could also ask about critical characters, like Bella, Jake, and Edward. I'd also check quiz sites for possible questions you can use. Good luck!

Charley Charley
As far as originality goes, you haven't provided any details that make the story unique amongst vampire stories in general. The ideas presented have been used before - probably all of them in the same story, too. Any vampire book with romance will be compared with Twilight as long as the fad lasts. So the answer is essentially "Yes" and there's nothing you can do about it. But using standard vampires in an attempt to separate yourself from that is a decent first step. It really depends on the plot and character development and how you write it. In fact, if there's a plot at all beyond "human girl and vampire guy fall in love", and they have a life outside of each other, at least the sane ones will realise that your story is not just a copy of Twilight. Will probably even be compared favourably to it. Unless you're willing to provide details, though, we can't help you - typical pre-SMeyer vampires plus a teenage girl that falls in love with one of them says nothing about your story. The details you've got can also easily apply to the just-for-fun vampire story I'm writing, and many other vampire stories. If you really want to write it, though, the answer to this question shouldn't stop you.
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Ariana Ariana
Nope. Right now anything that even mentions a vampire or a werewolf is going to be compared to Twilight, regardless of how many 'twists' you write into it.
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Zander Zander
thats totally unlike twilight cuz urs is waayyy better! yea i want to write about vampires too but i cant cuz soo many ppl r into twilight they will think im copying it. the truth is that stephanie meyer copied off of books like Vampire Diaries from 1991 and Vampire Kisses from 2005. her books r fom 2006 so everyone is just too stupid to realize it. so if ppl think ur copying they r just hypnotized by watever spell stephenie meyer put on those stupid books
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Sibald Sibald
hmm, sounds interesting. It shouldn't be compared to Twilight, be cause in all honesty, it's not like the book. I miss the early days of Twilight, before the movie came out. You know, when not a lot of people knew about it. . .
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Sibald Originally Answered: What is the book 'Twilight' about?
here's the back of the book: About three things I was absolutely postive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him -- and I didn't know how dominant that part might be -- that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him. -End back of book- Stephenie Meyer writes REALLY well. The book is well paced. it's a fantasy/love/action story. I haven't really read any of those books that you have listed, so I don't really know what you prefer genre wise. I LOVED it.. and I kind've just read any book that looks good to me. if you do read,it, I hope you enjoy it! here's a little explanation without revealing too much; Bella Swan (daughter of the towns chief of police) has just moved to Forks, Washington. Bella falls for the amazingly good looking Edward Cullen. Bella and Edward fall in love. Bella finds out that Edward and his family are vampires. Bella gets into some trouble while hanging out with the Cullen family. and I don't want to say anything more because it will spoil the ending.

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