Which Animal Would Be Best For My Book?

Which Animal Would Be Best For My Book? Topic: Grammar writing a book title
July 19, 2019 / By Huldah
Question: Im 13, and i want to start writing a book. I have always been the top of my class at reading, writing, and grammar. Anyways, i was gonna write a book about foxes, but i dont think foes are really in and noyone would read it. Should i write about foxes, wolves, or cats (Or any other ideas would be helpful). Also, if you want, you could think of names for the animals, because in my opinion this is the hardest part xD. Thanks guys ! Sorry for making it look like one big title haha, and it was meant to distract you :)
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Edwena Edwena | 2 days ago
It always distracts me when a person makes the decision to make their question look like one big title. Sorry, but why did you do that?! Anyway, the animals that interest me are the ones that can do something cool. Foxes don't do much, so they're not my favorite. Camels are my favorite animals, and I would totally read any book about camels. I'm sure I'm alone in that regard. I also like bears because they are like extremely emotionally complicated, and I think they would be a good fit for a book. I think cats and wolves are tired and super over done at this point, but in the end it's not me you have to please first. If you want a book about foxes, then make it exactly how you want it. You could also consider: Hyenas Ravens Horses
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Charlene Charlene
Personally, to me I think out of the 3 options you gave, wolves would be the best. They seem the most complicated but coolest one there. They have all these valuable traits that more people should learn. For the names it depends on the personality, skills and looks of that certain animal. For example a wolf that is good at hunting could be called Orion after the boy that hunted with the the Greek Goddess Artemis who was the god f the hunt and was said that he could match her skills.
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Ariadne Ariadne
I think that really depends on your targeted Demographic (Females, males, Teens, children, etc). Certain people are attracted to certain animals. In the end, I think you should focus on what you enjoy writing about and less on what's popular right now :) after all, you should love what you're writing about
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