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July 17, 2019 / By Hosannah
Question: Does anyone think that an abundance of TV-watching might inhibit kids from learning how to be more socially mature? Why or Why not?
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Ednah Ednah | 10 days ago
Not necessarily, it depends because kids can learn social interaction by watching and learning what they see on tv. So really it depends on what the kids are watching, if they're watching the bad girls club than they probably won't learn how to be socially mature. It also might hinder them because they don't have the chance to learn social behavior through real life interaction with real people. Either way I guess, the kids will be mimicking what they see as socially acceptable on tv or in real life. Real life and TV can be drastically different though because TV is often a dramatization of real life. I'm a little iffy on my answer but I think social interaction and cognitive development through real life experiences would probably be better than an abundance of TV-watching.
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Charla Charla
Yes it might inhibit.kids from learning and actually they get so engrossed in the tv that thay avoid social contact they like rather sitting and watching the tv then being social.... Kids can b more social if they interact with their peer group more often and hobbies can help a big time...
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Arden Arden
u know one of those ways of being socialized is watching tv.why we should forbid watching for kids?i think it's obvious.
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