I was wondering if there is any way a job can find out why you were fired from a job?

I was wondering if there is any way a job can find out why you were fired from a job? Topic: Ups jobs application positions drivers
July 15, 2019 / By Hortense
Question: Back in Aug 2007, I was let go from my job. I worked the early morning shift from 3am-12pm. I was going to be about 20 minutes late. So I called and spoke with one of my co-workers. We worked as helpdesk techs and there were only three of us who worked that late. So I asked my co-worker if there were a lot of calls coming in. He said a few. So because I was already running late, I asked my coworker to bring up my computer at my desk so that I will be ready to start working as soon as I got there. Instead of having to wait for it to boot up and load all the programs we used. And of course for my coworker to start my pc I had to give him my password. So the next day my supervisor called me to his office. He told me that under no circumstances are you ever allowed to give someone else the password to your pc(Phone calls are recorded). He said that later on that person could jeopardize me or the company using my pc. Well, I understood where he was coming from. So now I haven't really been able to find a job since then. That's why I was wondering if there is a way for employers to look your employment history up on the internet like a DAC report for truck drivers. A DAC report shows potential employers your driving history and incidents that you had on the job. So I was wondering if employers are able to do that. I know the job market looks bad right now for everyone but I have filled out for so many positions within a year and a half. And I have a degree, a certification, and I'm working on my master's. It's just hard to believe that I can't find a job anywhere. Please help
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Edith Edith | 8 days ago
if you are in the US and if you list the former employer on an application or resume' then YES a prospective employer can obtain this information by checking the reference. there are absolutely no limits on what a former employer may release as long as they are TRUTHFUL. they can not lie about you or "knowingly' release false information. many employers as a matter of POLICY do not release information other then dates of employment, title and re-hire status but that is not because of a law that limits what they may release. background checks (consumer reports) do not include employment verifications or reference checks these are two separate processes. do not assume the past is holding you back, rather be proactive and make that mistake irrelevant. you must show through words and actions what you learned from the experience and how it made you a better potential employee. take ownership and use the past as a tool to improve yourself. the fact is the company you worked for probably does not even release that much information about your work performance/history.
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Edith Originally Answered: Can Employment Background checks find out if you were fired from a previous job even if you do not put down?
unless you tell them your employment history there is no way they can find out. in the US there is no database that collects that information.

Charita Charita
There is no 'magic' database that a prospective employer can use to find out the reasons for you being let go. Weren't you told? You never really were clear on that in your post. Was it for giving out your password? I sense there is more here. A prospective employer will call your former employer if you list it on the application. They can only legally tell them when you worked there and your last comp. Unfortunately sometimes they may share more but that would be a serious legal issue for them.
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Antonia Antonia
Im sure if the new employer calls up your old employer, they will find out where you no longer work for the old one, so be truthful when asked. You do not have to mention "being fired" in your resume.
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Zackary Zackary
It depends on the employer. Employers normally won't check you out unless they disclose that will be running a background-check on you(credit,driving,etc)Most employers won't spend the money it takes to run a huge BG check on you. I say not to worry about it,but I suppose you will have to wait and see,or you could just ask around where you apply.
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Shimhi Shimhi
no one right here would be waiting to permit you realize from the concepts provided right here -- you will would desire to verify an legal expert to get a clever answer. Many states are "at will" -- meaning they desire no reason to fireside you (only as you could end for no reason). except you have an extremely stable case, my suggestion is to forget approximately it and flow on. concentration on gaining know-how of from the adventure and transforming into a greater useful worker. interior the long-term, a lawsuit will sap your power and get you right into a approach of attempting to locate somebody to blame. settle for it and flow on.
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Shimhi Originally Answered: I got fired from a job, if i don't put it on my application will they find out in a consumer report? or check?
Unless you list an employer on your resume or job application it will not come up in a background check. The only way it would come up is if you were sued by the employer or committed a crime. Then in a criminal background check it would come up.

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