How much does a scuba diver make?

How much does a scuba diver make? Topic: How to master legal writing courses
July 19, 2019 / By Honour
Question: I have recently been scuba diving with some of my friends as a hobby and found out I can get paid for it... How much would I be able to make scuba diving?
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Edina Edina | 6 days ago
Anywhere from nothing to over a hundred grand Canadian. It depends on your certs. A commercial diver's rates can vary as well. I may charge a rate of 5$ a linear foot in a pipe or 30 bucks per foot. I also may charge a flat fee of 100 bucks for a 2 minute dive to retrieve a wallet that someone has dropped. It all comes down to what the market will bear. I fix vinyl pools too and have some local competition. They charge 150 bucks, I charge 125 for an underwater leak detection and patch for 30 minutes work. If it's winter I start at 300 bucks to chop a hole in the ice and dive it with my dry suit. If you're a Florida or Georgia diver and have a contract with a golf course...you can easily get 5 cents a ball up to 25 cents . Believe it or not...there is actually a dive course to take for this. Over a season that can add up to 75 to 100 grand. If you are a Dive master or Instructor at a resort, hell...it all depends on the local cost of living, the number of languages you speak ,your experience and certs. You might make 600 bucks USD per month or 7 Grand. plus tips If you're just a joe blow diver and no DM cert, you can always make money on docks and locks. It just depends on what you find there. Last year I dived the Lift locks at Kirkfield and pulled a wallet with 400 USD in it. I returned the wallet minus 200 USD for my trouble. Instant cash for me and where it would have been lost and gone forever for the owner as he'd already written it off. What was he gonna do? Sue? I'd just charge him more and get my legal fees reimbursed. Heck..if you know what you're doing and have the training, there are a lot of opportunities. I once was paid 300 bucks for a 10 minute dive to find and hook up a line to an underwater obstruction that was claiming fishing lures in a private lake. That's all I had to do. Hook up the line for a tractor (theirs) to pull out the stump. The nothing part? Well, I spent a few hours total bottom time, cutting a mast off a sunken sail boat in 90 feet of water for a flag pole for a pal's cottage. Not even beer...how rude.
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Charisma Charisma
It all depends on what the scuba diving job is like dive master instructor or commerical diving They both pay a lot of money though.
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Antoinette Antoinette
Mr Crown gave a really good answer -- and it was just as good as when it was originally posted 6 years ago, by Scubabob (who doesn't post here nearly as often as he used to, possibly because he got tired of answering the same questions over and over again...). Admittedly, you could have done the same search of Y!A yourself.
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