So I want to get with this girl?

So I want to get with this girl? Topic: Ems case scenarios
July 19, 2019 / By Honor
Question: from my class, but I am not sure if she likes me. She either likes me or is just very social and friendly, one of the two. In any case, I don't want to waste my time being her friend for the next month to find out if she likes me or not. I want to cut straight to the heart of it. So, two scenarios: 1) I can go "ey you have nice lips, can I kiss em?" OR 2) I can ask her "would you like to kiss me?" And if I get rejected I'll just say "I never said you could, it just seemed like there was something on your mind." Which one sounds safer and better to use? ey if you can come up witha better idea, tell me.
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Edie Edie | 5 days ago
Neither for me. You don't have to be her friend for the next month but you can ask her if she wants to hang out like on the weekend. Then it you guys really click after hanging out for little bit you try to kiss her. Look at the signs. I.E Does she always hang around you When you hang out does she make it a point that she is happy to be around you Look at the eye connection does she lock her eyes with hers? Little things like that can tell you whether she is into you or not. I hope this helped good luck!
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Charis Charis
I am sorry to disappoint you but sincerely i would not like any of the two, i would go on and tell her that you like her and full stop - i would rather get rejected for saying what i really feel rather then playing the cool and lose the opportunity from the very start - good luck
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Anthia Anthia
Niether, its best to find out if she likes you first, going straight into asking for a kiss is lame, nine times out of ten you'll get rejected as your not in a relationship, jus ask her how she feels mate, or if worst comes to worst and you dont have the guts, get friendly with her best mate and ask her :) Good luck
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Zachary Zachary
NONE! Try to get nice n friendly with her and then maybe u cud tell her that u like her and ask her if she feels da same way about u. Asking a girl to directly kiss u is very cheap get a grip dude!
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