Help with essay question regarding American interests in Middle East?

Help with essay question regarding American interests in Middle East? Topic: A hundred years from now essay help
July 19, 2019 / By Honey
Question: Essay question: "The Middle East is a complex, confusing region facing many difficulties. What are US interests there and what role should the US play in the region?" ---I need help with finding a straight answer as to what the US's interests in the Middle East exactly are. Also--does anyone have any opinions on what role the US should play there that it isn't currently. Links to other opinions/information would be much appreciated.
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Edda Edda | 4 days ago
This is a very complicated question- I'll try to explain as simply as possible. Interests: -Supporting Israel: Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. It is a military powerhouse, from where we get many luxuries enjoyed in the Western World (Israel invented cell phones, texting, instant messaging, virus protection software, the intel processors in the majority of US laptops, radiation free breast cancer treatments, and 1 out of every 15 pharmaceuticals in the US is manufactured by the Israeli company Teva). Israel is a very strategic ally for the US in the Middle East, as it is the only Westernized, modernized, country in the Middle of a region made up of hostile monarchies. -Supporting Saudi Araba- Very complicated relationship. While the US does not support most of what saudi Arabia stands for (lack of women's rights, no gay rights, legalized torture, no democracy, sponsoring terrorism), Saudi Arabia produces most of the world's oil supply. It produces so much that it is the only country in the world with the ability to affect the world wide price of oil alone. If saudi arabia did not supply so much oil, it is almost certain that they would be an enemy of the United States rather than a friend. -Fighting terrorism: Terrorism is rampant in the Arab and Muslim countries throughout this region. Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Palestinian factions are all known to fund terrorism against the United States, Israel, as well as other Western nation targets. -All the Arab Muslim countries hate each other, they just hate Israel and the US more. There is now a schism within the Muslim world. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf States on one side, and Iran, its puppets Lebanon and Syria, and its terror groups Hezbollah and Hamas on the other. This is a completely simplified view of the situation. The conflicts in this region and between the region and the US go back hundred and sometimes even thousands of years. More research is certainly required.... Good Luck!!
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Well, there are our ideals as a country: Liberty, Democracy and Freedom are right at the top. But as countries in the middle east experienced Democratic uprisings to overthrow their un-democratic governments this resulted in "turmoil". Either decreased oil production or worries that the unrest would spread to other nearby countries which might affect our supply of oil. This turmoil led to higher oil prices which led to higher gasoline prices. So while our ideals say we shoukd be happy and supportive of the democratic uprisings, on a "what does this mean for me" for the average citizen, they suffer from higher gas prices which hurts their day-to-day lives. So we support the democracy movements idealistically, but don't like the affects it produces in our daily lives. A juxtaposition.
Edda Originally Answered: Essay on effects of middle east on gas/oil prices?
properly, for sure you forgot the U. S. advanced the oil fields contained in the middle East so the tree huggers like Gore ought to fly their inner most jets, polute more suitable than numerous small city, and seem down their noses on each and every human being else. in case you opt to ascertain what helps, what has a tree hugger finished besides conserving the U. S. from utilising the oil that God has blessed us with? Or what "reward" have the middle East been? might want to the U. S. keep on with their lead in giving to humanitarian motives, lady's rights, gay rights, equivalent treatment to all contained in the courts, sentences that contains whipping and putting, the thanks to take care of the detrimental, and their nationwide wellbeing courses?

Chantelle Chantelle
My question to you would be: Who's history should we be more aware of? You quote from a writing by an Arab, who is only interested in making a good case for Palestine and the Arab/Muslim world, yet spurns the Israeli claims of prior possession. You also state that it is absurd to reach back so far in time when it comes to Israels claims, yet ignore the fact that Palestine too, has been vacant from the land for millennia. I do feel sorry for the plight of the Palestinians, but they were offered lands equal to what were apportioned to Israel in the 40's and they refused them, while Israel accepted. Now, you and so many others can only see Israel as the bad guy. Never mind that they have had to fight wars against virtually every Muslim/Arab country in the region, sometimes 2 or more countries at once and they have been successful every time. Where is the compassion for Israel from people such as you appear to be? Does the fact that Hamas has fired over 3,000 rockets into Israeli population centers mean nothing to you and does it not bother you that the "Brave" leaders of Hamas hide themselves and their weapons in Mosques, schools and hospitals, using the women and children that are always present as human shields? As I said, I do feel for the Palestinians, but they voted Hamas into power, knowing that Hamas is sworn to exterminate Israel and they have no one to blame for their current miserable plight but themselves.
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Chantelle Originally Answered: Help on essay on current middle east conflicts?
Gaza is part of Palestine, and Israel occupies the majority of historic Palestine as well. To sum it up, Gazans would like to be free of Israeli control and for Israel to stop arbitrarily shooting them, and many of them would like to return to their former homes in what's now Israel. Israel wants militants in Gaza to stop firing rockets randomly into Israel and for Gazans to agree that they have no right to their former homes in what's now Israel. The issues are: - Most of the people in Gaza are refugees from that part of Palestine which became Israel, and many of the refugees would like to regain their former homes. In 1948 and into the 1950s Israel conducted a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the native people of Palestine, who mostly weren't Jews, in order to establish a Jewish state with a firm Jewish majority. Meaning, the people who founded Israel did things like shelled villages to get the people to flee, or they rounded up some of the men and shot them, or went around major cities with bullhorns threatening to kill everyone. Also planted bombs in markets and hotels. Anyway, Palestinians fled by the hundreds of thousands, many of them ended up in Gaza which is a tiny area in the first place, then administered by Egypt. The massacres didn't stop in 1948, for example, when Israel took over the Gaza in 1967 it rounded up the men and boys over 13 from one neighborhood, separated them from the women, shot them all then drover over their bodies with tractors or bulldozers until they were unrecognizable. About 30 men ranging in age from 13 to 86 were killed. Palestinian Arabs are, in fact, the native people of what's now Israel, but Israel expelled and murdered them because they weren't Jewish, and shot thousands who attempted to return in the years following 1948. They confiscated their land, many homes, much of their money, jewelry, factories, tools, businesses, furniture, artworks, and buildings and turned them over for use by Jews only. Meanwhile, many refugees perished because they didn't have enough food or shelter. - Gaza is under military occupation by Israel. While Israeli soldiers no longer patrol the streets, it still controls the borders, imports, exports, airspace, collects taxes and supplies the birth registry. Prior to 2009, for example, Israel calculated that Gazas needed around 130 truckloads of food supplies daily to avoid starvation, then they only allowed in about 67 (this has eased somewhat since then). They shoot at farmers who attempt to farm near the border fence, and fishermen who attempt to fish too far out to sea, sometimes killing them. - Militants in Gaza who object to Israel's stranglehold over Palestine occasionally fire rockets randomly into Israel. Usually, this is after Israel has assassinated some Palestinian militant, and in fact the current ruling party in Gaza has agreed to ceasefires many times so Israel could probably get a cessation of the rockets by stopping its assassinations. But Israel keeps on killing people in Gaza.
Chantelle Originally Answered: Help on essay on current middle east conflicts?
first; %. a conflict. you should do the dispute in israel/palestine, the ending of the conflict in iraq or the conflict in afghanistan (i imagine of this counts as middle east). initiate by making use of utilising naming the conflict, the way all of it began, what diverse international places are starting to be in contact, why the conflict has/hasnt been resolved yet, what the human beings contained in the area imagine of of the conflict. then study options taken to comprehend peace, as an get mutually contained in the israel/palestine dispute, hilary clinton has met with presidents of both international places and attempted to carry "peace talks", apparently those were sucessful. then upload your opinion with reference to the conflict or maybe if or not you imagine of peace will actually have the flexibility to be reached. choose i helped, jamilla p.s, attempt to not be bias, even although i help palestine, i'd purely communicate about that contained throughout the time of the end paragraph.

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