Any suggestions for me?

Any suggestions for me? Topic: How to write a sonnet poem like shakespeare
July 19, 2019 / By Hollis
Question: I have been trying to write a poem for someone I love very much for a long time, but everytime I go to do it, my mind goes blank and I just can't think. Please, do you have any suggestions on how to start? Anything..
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Edain Edain | 2 days ago
Read a lot of poetry you like to get some inspiration, like, get the fire started. Then stop for half hour whilst thinking of a theme, and so you don't get caught trying to trick yourself into copying another poet, after that time you won't be able to stop until you're poetically dry. Sometimes only a line will come to you, that line can go anywhere in the poem so don't try and start on the first line. Decide on a structure and where you want to go with you're poem and then begin to write it, for example 'I'm going to write a sonnet on the theme of darkness using a peach as a metaphor'. Write ideas down when you have them, always carry a notebook. Often, at first you can't just sit down and write a poem, it takes a lot of practice and self discipline before you can do that. Remember, always have a direction to go in, a painter can't just sit down and paint a masterpiece if he hasn't got a subject to paint, nothing is a blank canvas so always give yourself something to work with:) So, for this I would read lots of poems on the theme of love, Shakespeare did some good ones, and then decide where you want to go with it, the more personal it is to you, the more meaningful it will be to that person, good luck:)
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Chanté Chanté
You may want to try writing in formal verse if you don't already. I find it easier to grasp ideas when writing in highly structured form. It also helps me to force myself to start. Even if the lines don't make sense, you can return after to fix them up. Getting a general idea of what you're writing will come while writing. It's very difficult to portray ideas through words, even if the ideas are already clear on their own. If you want to improve your poetry skills, there isn't any way to do so beyond practice and reading poetry. Having an inventory of already-established words will make the process go smoother. Good luck.
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Anstace Anstace
when i write, sometimes i try to come up with some clever line with big words, but it never seems to flow & work out that way. other times i try to get an image in my head, & use very simple terms & words, instead of big, poetic lines. this method works a lot & usually makes a better poem/song.. to sum up- try to use as basic phrases as possible & see if it flows better :)
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Zaccai Zaccai
Never my love will I betray you Ignore you or disrespect you Never my love will I make you cry or break your heart or laugh at you Never my love will I take you for granted or not let you spread you wings Never my love will I find the courage to use spoken words to tell you I really love you
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Zaccai Originally Answered: I need some suggestions?
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