What are some easy meds to get?

What are some easy meds to get? Topic: How to write a strong call to action examples
July 18, 2019 / By Hilda
Question: That are lethal if taken to many? OTC or prescription. My buddy has been pretty down lately and I am worried about him. He works around pills so he has access to some. I was wondering what are the ones I should be looking out for him having that when taken to many of can kill you? He also has a prescription to ambien. How much would he have to take for it to be lethal? Im a 200lbs man and if I take 2 they nock me out. But he is 130lbs and am worried he might try to take too many,
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Ebony Ebony | 9 days ago
I am reluctant to say, on the Internet, this type of info. It's basically unethical, a way to assist suicide of others (not you). You might want to encourage him to go to therapy, and as he is your friend, you can create a no-suicide contract with him.Basically, sit down & have a "heart to heart" talk with him, about your concerns. Tell him you care about his welfare. Write out some policies & ask him to sign. For example, "I, Buddy, agree that if I feel the strong wish to commit suicide or to harm myself in any way, I will: 1) Contact my buddy (you), 2) Go to the ER 3) Call my therapist 4) Call my wife (or whomever), and so on. (sign & date)" These can be changed at any time, but have a copy for you & for him to keep. It's a useful device. You can't control the actions of another adult!
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Chanel Chanel
Taking large quantities of Ambien can be lethal. There is little that you can do to prevent your friend from taking an overdose. He can sneak the pills in whenever you are not around. If he is suicidal then he should see a psychiatrist right away....not a family doctor! Family doctors do not know diddly about mental matters.
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Anonna Anonna
Yes, sleeping pills could do it. Antidepressants can also be used although it's harder with the newer ones. Pain killers/opiates will certainly work as would any sort of anti-anxiety mediation such as xanax. All are easy to get. Mixing pills with alcohol is usually ones best bet, but there are other ways. This information is freely available online even on drugs.com and other drug information sites. All one needs to do is look up 'overdose' + the meds one has access to. Of course, men are more likely to make violent suicide attempts such as hanging, jumping in front of cars or from bridges, buildings, cliffs etc or fire arms than to overdose. This is why men are much more likely to suceed in killing themselves. If you think your friend is truly on the verge of suicide, you can get him hospitalized, but a smart suicidal person would be out of the hospital very quickly. Reading psychology/psychiatry texts and then behaving for the doctors as a non-suicidal person to get out of the hospital after even the initial psychiatric evaluation is possible for a suicidal person. Simply denying suicide isn't enough, you have to avoid certain phrases, use some others (because you are there for talking about suicide) and use certain body language.
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Yorath Yorath
good ole tylenol or acetaminophen. Its extremely lethal if taken in large quantities. It makes your liver fail.
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Yorath Originally Answered: About meds during pregnancy?
Celexa is in pregnancy risk catagory C. I can't find anything for Sonata. Catagory C meds do not appear to have any specific risks, but neither have they been 'proven' to be safe. (MOST meds are catagory C, because you can't do research studies on pregnant women to 'prove' safety.) With catagory C meds it's usually a matter of weighing the risk (usually small and/or potential) against the benefits. So this is something to discuss with your doctor. Give your doc a call.

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