I have a 1997 ford taurus and when i am sitting at a stop light or stopped anywhere the car shakes?

I have a 1997 ford taurus and when i am sitting at a stop light or stopped anywhere the car shakes? Topic: Case starting fluid
July 17, 2019 / By Hester
Question: the engine also acts like it is gonna die. and when i first start the car it jerks when it shifts gears what could possible be wrong with it?
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Eartha Eartha | 6 days ago
first check that all the plug wires are tight on the plugs, and on the distributor, if it has been a while since you did plugs and a cap and rotor, this may help, shaking can be a vacum leak of some kind, or a old or fouled spark plug. If you have a can of starting fluid handy squirt a few short bursts around the base of the intake manifold, if the idle rises briefly, there may be a vacum leak. if there are no check engine lights on, good, next, I would go the a chevron station, and fill it up with chevron super unleaded, and drive it around for a while, it may be jerking from the low idle problem, but just in case check the transmission fluid, it should be pinkish and clear, and smell like transmission fluid, not brown or black or smell stinky burnt. if you are comfortable with the car running a little bit on the freeway, try to get it up to freeway speed for a while to help clean out deposits, which can accumulate from el cheapo gas. water in your gas, can cause idle problems, and maybe low speed stumbling from a dead stop at a light or stop sign. If this just started up recently, like say around the last time you got gas, you may have some fuel contaminated with water, if this is the case, it may start to run better within a day or so of putting in some good clean gas with a higher octane, and a good fuel system cleaner. Chevron has techron, it is a good fuel system cleaner, that el cheapo gas stations do not have. gas is made the same way for all gas stations, but good refineries refine their gas better than others, and have helpful additives, there are people who will argue this but I don't care, I know from my personal experience that my vehicles run better with a good quality fuel..good luck hope this helps
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Eartha Originally Answered: Re-asking with changes.my blinkers stopped working 87 ford taurus?
Do the bulbs not light at all when you turn on the turn signal, or does the bulb light, but not blink ?? If the bulb does not light at all, then it may be either bad bulbs or the sockets that hold the bulbs may have corrosion in them and need to be cleaned or replaced. If the bulbs will light, but not blink, then it may be the switch on the steering column that has worn out - if that's the case, then your options are to get another switch and spend a few hours in replacing it, or get a universal turn signal kit thru an auto parts catalog ( it is just like the factory turn signal switch that the vehicle has now, and it's attached to the side of the steering column, just like the OEM switch; the difference is that you would have two switches on the column - which may look "funky" to you )....................either one will take time for installation. Obviously, you want to start by looking at the bulb sockets, then the bulbs to see if they are defective, then go from there @ the "tech" above my answer - if you read the question, the hazard lights work; therefore the relay flasher is in good working order

Celosia Celosia
Sounds like it's mis-firing. Try a tune-up and change the spark plug wires. If you have already done this recently, it could be a number of other things like fuel problems or a sensor. I remember selling a lot of throttle position sensors for these cars but the check engine light should come on if it is something like that.
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Annona Annona
There's this little thing called obd2 that you should probably look into. Otherwise, people on here are just spitting in the wind. Plus...it's an old ford...probably with 150k miles. Nothing is going to run "like new" especially in an old ford.
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Yehowah Yehowah
Sounds like a misfiring cylinder to me. Change the spark plugs and wires, and go ahead and do a tune up if it hasn't been done in a while.
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Shelton Shelton
I would guess vacum leak some wheres. Especially if it does it more when you first start the car. You need a richer condition on first start up.
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Shelton Originally Answered: Service Eng Soon light in 97 Ford Taurus? JUST had an oil change?
Your problem could be based upon something simple or something complex. The modern automobile is more lifelike than before the computer age. You car has a central Nervous system. (On board Computer) As in the case of a human, the Central Nervous system is connected to many sensors that report back to the computer. If all the sensors are picking up the required pulse train, the computer is happy. If one or more of the Sensors fails to operate or gives an unacceptable information bit. The Check Engine Light will come on and stay on until the problem is fixed. If You disconnect your battery, you may be happy for a time, until the computer builds up all the information that was lost when you disconnected the Battery. At that time, the Check Engine Light will come back on. Auto zone, if there is one in your area, will read the Codes for free. That will tell you which Sensor is inoperable or not reading correctly. It is not magic and it has nothing to do with any service you may have performed. Have those Codes read and replace the faulty part. It is not a "Time for Service Light" It is a signal that something in wrong with your car.

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