Am I eligible for Social Security as a non-US citizen?

Am I eligible for Social Security as a non-US citizen? Topic: Case security
July 19, 2019 / By Hephzi-Bah
Question: I'm Danish and worked legally in the US for over 20 years. I've moved back to Denmark and recently turned 62. I understand the US has an agreement with many countries, including Denmark, to avoid double-taxation. How can I collect the Social Security into which I paid for so many years? Do I go through the Danish government? Do I pay tax on it, and to whom?
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Earlene Earlene | 3 days ago
If you worked the years in the US and paid into the US social security system, then you are entitled to the social security payments. This is the case under US domestic law, regardless of the US-Denmark tax treaty. You can browse the US social security website for the forms to claim your benefits. The US-Denmark tax treaty will determine which of the two countries, Denmark or the US, will be able to tax your social security benefits. Under paragraph 2 of Article 18 of the US-Denmark Tax Treaty, US social security benefits received by Danish residents are taxable only by the United States, and exempt from Danish tax. Naturally that means you will have to file a US tax return, but it's obviously worthwhile to do that so you can get your social security benefits. Here is the US-Denmark Tax Treaty:
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Celestine Celestine
You apply to the Social Security Administration in the U.S. in writing to file your claim for retirement benefits. If you wait until you are 66 it will be higher. The age of 62 is a partial benefit only. Your check can be mailed to you. I dont know if you pay tax on Social Security while you are living in Denmark. You have to find out from them directly.
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Annitra Annitra
When the SSA pays out benefits to someone in another country, they withhold 22.5% of each payment. If this is your only US source income, that you equate to the tax owed and you wouldn't have to file a tax return. Contact the SSA and file. Due to your location, you cannot apply online. You would have to go in person or call. Denmark Federal Benefits Unit United States Embassy Henrik Ibsen Gate 48 0244 Oslo Norway Phone: 472-130-8540 Fax: 472-255-2743 Email: [email protected]
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