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July 22, 2019 / By Helga
Question: my computer a compaq dosent want to turn on, i get a blue screen telling me that there is an internal error of sorts and that its because of a program i recently instaled, i just instaled a game called call of chathulu dark corners of the earth... i didnt play on it for that much, i think ive played on it for around 3 hours, and yesterday i also played 3 hours.. asfdghsd wtf am i supposed to do... PLEASE dont tell me reformat.... its my mothers work computer.... No.. srry im kind of agitated.. i cant reboot it on safe mode or on lastr known working configuration or whatever... no i dont even own an ipod... i havnt instaled no drivers of ny sort... NOTHING but call of chathulu.. and it was working ******* fine until toda.y....
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Dyan Dyan | 9 days ago
Could be a problem with device drivers, hardware or software. This problem can be solved by uninstalling new software, updating device drivers and making minor configuration changes . From http://fixit.in/bluescreenofdeath.html . You can also run a free registry scan using utilities from http://re7.info
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Dyan Originally Answered: Computer Start Up Problem- Replaced Power Supply, Light on Motherboard is on but computer won't even turn on
First of all, I commend you on describing your problem thoroughly. This is the best detailed description that I have ever seen, which makes answering the question very fun and enjoyable for me. So thanks for that. If only I could get the rest of the world to follow your lead... Your motherboard has gone bad. If you power on your computer and never hear the beep sound, then your computer has failed to pass the P.O.S.T. (Power On Self Test). So you know you have power to the motherboard because of the little LED light on the motherboard. But it will not pass the self-tests that it runs on itself at boot. Your motherboard has gone bad. Replace it with a new one and it will work. Although, you may want to consider other options that may be cheaper since you have a Dell. Simply replacing the motherboard in a Dell might be quite a feat, or quite expensive, I really have no idea. Be sure to check on your waranty as Dell is good about replacing items under warranty. If the RAM was the problem (you're smart enough to have eliminated that possibility) then the computer would pass the P.O.S.T. and you would hear that familiar beep coming from within the computer (a tiny speaker usually mounted directly to the motherboard, or attached with some very short wires to the motherboard). The computer should alert you that something is wrong with the RAM. During these times of difficulty, go in to the B.I.O.S. (Basic Input Output System) upon your computer starting, after it passes the P.O.S.T., you would usually hit the DEL key, or possibly the F2 key or something similar. This will bring you in to the B.I.O.S. Be carefull as setting a setting wrong could cause your system to stop functioning properly, or entirely. Find and change the setting that allows for a quick power-on test. Disable it so that it performs an extensive power-on test which includes checking the RAM thoroughly. Having this option set will take a while longer to boot in to Windows, but will hopefully pin-point any errors in the RAM. If you were able to get a beep indicating that you have passed the P.O.S.T. and are able to see something on the monitor (if you pass P.O.S.T. but can't see any video, then your video card is bad, or the connections with the video card, or the monitor itself has gone bad) then enter the B.I.O.S. by performing the proper key-press that should be displayed briefly right after the beep. Find the setting that sets all settings back to their default settings. Save and restart. -Hope this helps.
Dyan Originally Answered: Computer Start Up Problem- Replaced Power Supply, Light on Motherboard is on but computer won't even turn on
emachines are not junk. grew to become mine right into a gamer and not in any respect had a project upgrading mine over the final 4 years. at the same time because it does sound like your skill grant went undesirable, the only ingredient you're able to do is replace the playstation and bypass your palms that when the playstation went that it did not fry your motherboard.

Cecily Cecily
Software level stuff I don't think she be able to cause that, only a buggy device driver. Did install a graphics card or something else thatmight of caused that. Have you installed the most recent version of Itunes?... If you have installed the most recent version of itunes, unplug your ipod. Whats the error say?. How many times have you tried to restart it? Will it boot into safe mode?
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Annice Annice
Hit F8 to enter boot options when computer is starting. Choose SAFE MODE. If there is no blue screen of death, uninstall program and see if it fixed it. If it turns to be a driver problem, which I have encountered many times, reinstall driver associated with the error.
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Annice Originally Answered: Computer Problem Part 3 - Computer STILL wont start?
Check your memory stick. If it is bad then your not going to start. Try swapping it out with a known good one or take the one in it to a computer store and have it tested. Past that then the motherboard may have a short in it, but I would lean toward that memory.

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