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I have community service? Topic: paper writing services
July 19, 2019 / By Heidi
Question: I'm thinking about volunteering at the Salvation Army or my local Goodwill. My lawyer said I have to give her a letter/paper stating or showing the hours I worked. Would the place I plan to volunteer at have the paper to fill out saying what I did, how many hours I worked this day and so on? Or will I have to type a letter stating the hours I worked and where I volunteered?
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Dotty Dotty | 2 days ago
They may or may not have paperwork ready for you. When you go to the nonprofit to volunteer, tell them you will need to track your hours. They will probably ask you to create a spread sheet that both you and the organization signs each time you complete hours at the organization. One column would be where you write in the date of your volunteering, one column would be where you write a little about what you did as a volunteer, one column would be for the person who can verify your volunteering work, another column for that person's signature, and one last column for YOUR signature,to show you agree. You have to always remember to take that sheet of paper with you. Also ask the organization if, at the end of your service, they would write a letter saying, "Per the attached spread sheet, we confirm that YOUR NAME performed xx hours of volunteering at our organization." Also see: Finding Community Service http://www.coyotecommunications.com/stuf...
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Dotty Originally Answered: Community Service: What You Did and New Ideas?
Hi there! I've done some community service. My first was adopting a grandparent at a retirement home. I enjoyed it; I heard many stories and tales of the olden days. I liked it, and I liked seeing them really brighten up when we would visit, but there's a very depressing atmosphere there. It was nice visiting ppl who never were visited regularly. I'd give it an 8 I've also worked with Habitat for Humanity, and that was alot of fun, but so much different! You help build homes for peopple who wouldnt be able to afford it on their own. Think Extreme Makeover Home Edition on a much smaller scale. It is a lot of hard, manual labor but also very rewarding. You tear down walls, put up fences, paint, etc etc depending on your level of training. It was alot of fun especially with friends, but very tiring too. I'd give it a 7.5 And the third major community service I've done is work with Autism Speaks; fundraisers and a marathon. It was really great, I got to work a refreshment stand with two autistic boys and they are the sweetest guys I ever met. It's great to see a community come together to help autisitc children. There's still mroe fundraisers going on, and you get to work with autistic children. Some of them can be a real handful, and I'm not trained to work with them, but I got to work with the more mild cases. I think that was very rewardind. I'd give it an 8.5 I think you can go to your local salvation army and maybe help give an arts and crafts class, or tutor young kids. sounds like its right up your alley Good for you for getting involved in your community! You'll see how much fun it can be, and it's very rewarding to know you're doing something to improve lives.
Dotty Originally Answered: Community Service: What You Did and New Ideas?
I have listed some sites below that you can check out. I began volunteering at public schools, than food banks and last outreach program. The last one I rate a 10 as it inspired me to get a Masters in Social Work. I really enjoyed working with those in need in getting the tools to overcome barriers that society has put before them.
Dotty Originally Answered: Community Service: What You Did and New Ideas?
I suggest operating with developmentally challenged youngsters. I did and it was once a distinguished enjoy. They taught me such a lot. Also historical men and women houses are a well notion, however it is quite very unhappy and tough paintings. Animal shelters, the purple move, and meals drives also are well recommendations. You would desire to check out calling right into a aid scorching line and asking the man or woman who solutions the mobilephone how you'll get concerned. I thanks for short of to volunteer, you are a well man or woman.

Catriona Catriona
The place you do the community service will supply you with the paperwork you need. Talk with them before you start and tell them what you need, so that they can start recording hours.
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Catriona Originally Answered: Fake community service hours?
...no respectable organization would give their "consent to forge their signature." but whatever, I doubt schools check up on that very often
Catriona Originally Answered: Fake community service hours?
No charity will give you permission to forge your hours just do it the legal way and call this charity down here they can help you Theres a charity that will allow you to pay off your community service hours my brother and a friend used them how it works is if you have 2 hours it equals $22.00 you can make a donation threw there website and they send you out your paperwork, we looked into this charity first before making a donation to make sure they were legal and yes indeed they are a 501c3 nonprofit charity they are called Uplifting Kids Charity my brother was soooo happy because it kept him from going to jail, the courts was not trying to offer him an extention so he paid them off he emailed and called them and someone got back to him right away he needed this paper from the charity like asap and they charged him for the overnight because we were not local to the charity which between $35.00 to $50.00 and an expedited charge of $50.00 , they did a professional letterhead and sent it out to him, he was toooo happy and he took the paper to the courts and everything was ok they are also court approved in 50 states. I couldn't be more pleased with this charity they saved my brother and his friends freedom from going to jail, they also have alot of other programs if you can't afford to pay the hours off you can do a fundraise you can reach them by via email at [email protected] and also by phone at 1-855-581-9111 and there website is www.upliftingkids.org call them they can help you and if you need a professional letterhead urgent then let them know, I wouldn't try theses other places online community service or fast community service online they are not legit this is the only one i could find for my brother that is legit and not a scam and they followed threw with a tracking number and we signed for the document so check them out however you can't get no refunds if you decide not to go with them. They are doing great things for people all over the world and kids. Check them out they are even open late hours they help with court community service and also school community service as well, you can also do a fundraise for your hours they have alot of pretty cool programs they are great If you have court hours thats due now or within a couple of days call them they are even open on the weekends as well. I trust this charity by experience call them and get the help you need.

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