Is she crazy or am I overreacting.?

Is she crazy or am I overreacting.? Topic: How to write a bridal shower card
July 19, 2019 / By Hazel
Question: Ok, so my brother is getting married and I am so happy for him and I like his future wife but I am think she is going a little over board. They are having this big extravagant wedding and is having 400 guests. Now she is telling me since I am her maid of honor I have to throw her a bacherlorette party, bridal shower, send out her stuff, etc, etc and I have no problem with that it's just that she told me that I have to hand write every bodies name on a place card because I have such great handwriting. I am shocked because how the heck does she expect me to do that? I told her well she better get her other 10 girls she has in her wedding to help and she's telling me they are each assigned different jobs. My mom says she already has too much to do to help me! I did about 100 already and my hand already is starting to hurt. Am I over reacting with this because my mom said I'm too much like a drama queen and to get over my self and just do it because this is your only brother and when I get married that I would want her to for something for me, blah blah blah. How can I make this process go quicker? I would ask my boyfriend for help but his handwriting is terrible.
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Dorthy Dorthy | 8 days ago
Honestly? Hand-writing 400 place cards? That's what printers are for. It's a ridiculous request.
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Cathleen Cathleen
It's a crappy job, but I would just suck it up and do it for her. I don't know how brides can assign such jobs to people...it seems self-centered to think people have that much time to devote to their wedding. You should throw one party and that is it, in my opinion. And you are just the main coordinator- the other maids help out. I would give yourself blocks of time to work on the cards. You are already 25% done!! I would try to find someone you can pay to write them...is there a local college you could call the main line and ask for the art department or something. Post on Craigslist lol..you sound desperate, so I'm just throwing ideas out there.
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Annamae Annamae
Ouch sounds like your future sis-in-law has a big ol case of Bridezilla. It happens when we women get married. We all dream of this big, fancy, wedding for ourselves when we're young, and when we finally do get married we demand a lot of things for our special day. It's a shame that she's being unreasonable about demanding her invitations to be hand-written, especially since she's inviting so many people. I had about 1/8 of the people she's inviting and I said "go ahead and print 'em out on the computer, I don't care". But unfortunately, you have to do it, because it's what a good bridesmaid does. Take ibuprofen because that will help with the pain and keep the swelling down. Take breaks often. Watch movies and eat chocolate. It will keep you sane. I know you're going to kill me for saying the same thing your Mom said, but she's right! One day you will get married and although you may not see it at the time, you may expect certain things to be done the way you want them, and the people you love will do them for you, because it's your special day! Just try to be patient with your sis-in-law and just remember that it will be all over before you know it and she won't always act like this. Anyways, good luck with that! We all feel your pain.
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Wolfe Wolfe
As a maid of honor, you and the bridesmaids are expected to plan the shower and bachelorette party. Other than that, I think it is your choice whether or not to help--she should not be demanding that you do certain jobs. I can understand her asking for your help with the placecards, but telling you that you have to write every single one? That sounds ridiculous to me. My mom and I wrote out all of ours. My sisters are my maids of honor and I understand that they are busy. They are providing me with moral support, throwing me a shower, and will help with decorations/last minute things that need to be done (two of my other bridesmaids are taking care of the bachelorette party). My advice: Respectfully tell her you don't have time for everything she is asking you to do (even though she isn't ASKING).
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Shannon Shannon
I hope she gave you the cards in a reasonable amount of time before the wedding, so you weren't stuck doing all 400 like, a week in advance. You're going to be fine, and remember that when YOU get married, you can assign her some mind-dulling, hand-aching job to do =)
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Nick Nick
Soak your hand in cold water a few seconds in between it will help the muscles then suck it up and keep on! I would be kinda annoyed but do it anyway if it was for my brothers wedding!
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Kodey Kodey
it does seem a little unreasonable... but if you do a little at a time it shouln't be that bad. turn on a favorite show and when the commercials come on, write. You do have a lot on your plate though so if you don't do it all the way she wants, just know that someone in the world (me) doesn't blame you ^_^
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