Essay help needed.rising oil prices?

Essay help needed.rising oil prices? Topic: Essay solution to the problem
July 19, 2019 / By Hayleigh
Question: I have to write an essay and formulate an argument that focuses on potential causes of rising global oil prices during approximately the past 36 months. The first big spikes in oil prices began around mid-2005, and rose steadily until late 2008 when we saw them drop again. The focus of the essay should be on identifying potential reasons for this, and not on the effects of rising oil prices or about solutions to the problem. Ohh my can someone please help me with this!!!!!
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Dorine Dorine | 4 days ago
Oil prices rise because of many things. Speculation on oil by commodity traders is one cause. Refinery closings due to hurricanes is another. Probably the main one is that international oil cartels fix the distribution (and price) of oil, causing prices to sit higher than they would under a more regulated trade. Effects? Simple: Growth slows. It is easy to see how every single corporation on the planet is impacted by the price of oil. If all the oil in the world vanished, nearly every single public company in the U.S. would collapse. With that said, it's also easy to see how rising oil (and gas) prices sap capital out of a company. Instead of creating another job or reinvesting capital back into the company, the money goes towards fuel costs. Money is sapped out of growth/reinvestment and put into costs. Growth slows down. Solutions? Become diversified in our energy consumption. If oil prices doubled overnight, the U.S. economy would be dead in the water. If we consumed energy from a plethora of sources (solar, wind, natural gas, geo-thermal, etc.), we would be more equipped to handle a situation where one energy source collapses. We could also lose our dependance on oil all together.
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Cateline Cateline
oil prices go up because speculators drive up the price in collusion with the oil companies betting that consumers will pay anything for it since it powers most things. The thing they failed to consider is that as the price goes up, people can't afford to buy anything else and the economy dies. How to fix it? simple, end speculation and make the price based on availability of crude. There's enough to fuel the world another 100 years which means a gallon should be worth about 5 cents.
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Annabella Annabella
I can't give you any reasons, 'cause I believe that's the work you're supposed to be doing yourself. But I'd recommend looking up events around the times of the price-spikes and looking for documents and articles about the oil companies and their actions. Go be a detective! Maybe you'll dig something up that hasn't been brought to someone's attention yet. =]
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Winston Winston
here (in straight forward terms for reference) is a catalogue of quite a few united states's oil fees worldwide in united statesfunds. Netherlands-$6.40 8 Norway-$6.27 Italy-$5.ninety six Denmark-$5.ninety 3 Belgium-$5.ninety one Sweden-$5.80 uk-$5.seventy 9 Germany-$5.fifty seven France-$5.fifty 4 Portugal-$5.35 Hungary-$4.ninety 4 Luxemborg-$4.80 two Croatia-$4.80 one Irreland-$4.seventy 8 Switzerland-$4.seventy 4 Spain-$4.fifty 5 Japan-$4.24 Czech Republic-$4.19 Romania-$4.09 Andorra-$4.08 Estonia-$3.sixty two Bulgaria-$3.fifty two Brazil-$3.12 Cuba-$3.03 Taiwan-$2.80 4 Lebanon-$2.sixty 3 South Africa-$2.sixty two Nicaragua-$2.sixty one Panama-$2.19 Russia-$2.10 Puerto Rico-$a million.seventy 4 Saudi Arabia-$.ninety one Kuwait-$.seventy 8 Egypt-$.sixty 5 Nigeria-$.38 Venezuela-$.12
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Shamir Shamir
The changes in oil price follow the nominal GDP growth rates of oil importing economies, that is inflation and demand matter. see http://www.google.com/publicdata/explore... There is a lot of data on elasticities, production and imports etc, and in and economics paper that is what they want you to talk about.
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