What does a 4-7 year old kid like to do?

What does a 4-7 year old kid like to do? Topic: Creative problem solving for kids
July 21, 2019 / By Haylee
Question: im doing a camp in the summer for 4 - 7 yr olds and i need to no wat they like, how to handle them when they get mad, unhappy .....
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Dorinda Dorinda | 3 days ago
First of all, kids tend to have very heightened emotions. They will react to things much more emotionally than adults will. Fighting will happen. The way I handle it when my kids fight is I take them both and sit them down and talk to them about what happened and I let them think of ideas to solve the problem. If they can't figure it out, then I have to think a bit deeper. Usually I don't have to go that far. Have water games to play. Be creative. Play outside as much as possible because it is very healthy for children to play outside. When you are inside have some movies to watch and activities for them to do. Have several activities going on at the same time so that they are not all crammed together doing something. Not only will that be stressful for you, but it will be for them too, and that is when you start to have behavior problems.
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Cate Cate
Well, if they are 4-7 they will definately love to colour, so make sure you have an art area, or something. But kids love to ask you alot of questions and tell you what they did last week, yesterday, and so on..., so just pay attention to them... Another thing is, that if they get mad, or unhappy, do not try to fight with them in anger if they are not listening to you, just have alittle seat as a time out spot, and give them time to cool off, But make sure you tell them why they are in that chair, and how long they have to stay there for. IF they get off the seat, just simply place them back on...continue to do this, until their time is up, and let them apologize to you. I think a summer camp should involve more activities, since its hot, and not much to do... maybe sometime you could have a sprinkler and have them jump and run through it. :) I hope this helped a ton. GOOD LUCK!
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Annabell Annabell
Are you doing this on your own or are you doing this with a summer camp program? If you are doing this with a summer camp program, then they should be giving you some training. You can do some arts and crafts, play some games, have a snack, ect.
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Winslow Winslow
Baking, Painting Model making (clay & play dough) Allot of children in this age range love role play like mums and dads etc.. Stories and songs! Very best of luck with your summer camp!
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Shamer Shamer
sand art, play do, coloring, kid games hide n seek, ring around the rosey cars, house, baseball, pretty much just ask them what they want to do they will tell ya or just give them 2 choices like hide n seek or duck duck goose let them vote, play the one that has the most votes first then play the other that way all kids are happy.
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