Question about the book Lord of the Flies?

Question about the book Lord of the Flies? Topic: The important book writing paper
July 17, 2019 / By Hayden
Question: in the book the lord of the flies by william golding....can you please tell me who is the best leader with ALOT of details and what makes a good leader. i have a paper due tomorrow about it and i was out for about a month because i got hit by a car and i missed half of the book. please dont leave any negative comments but i really really need to write this paper. i would appreciate it if you made it as long as poosible. thank you soooo much(:
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Doriane Doriane | 2 days ago
In the book, there are two leaders, Ralph and Jack. Ralph, at the beginning of the novel, is an ideal leader because he is kind of the perfect person, and the boys are thrilled and very excited to be on the island. Jack, on the other hand, is a leader towards to end of the novel. He is a tyrant, and he has become a savage. While Jack is a leader of savagery, Ralph is a leader using democracy. Ralph was voted chief by the boys at the beginning of the novel. However, 'None of the boys could have found good reason for this'. Everyone votes for Ralph except Jack and this is because he is an ideal leader and the boys are thrilled to be on the island. However, the main reason for this was because 'there was the shell'. The conch shell was the symbol of democracy and fair leadership in the novel. All the boys were impressed, and even intimidated, by the shell and they could be controlled by this while Ralph alone could not do this. He was 'marked out' by the other boys because of his 'attractive appearance'. Ralph stands for the civilised approach to leadership and if they had been in a more civilised location he would have been a fantastic leader. However freed from 'the restraints of society', the boys cannot take Ralph seriously. However, Ralph was not a 'good' leader. Theoretically, he was the most ideal person for the job but he just couldn't pull it off. If it wasn't for the conch, he would be nothing. He struggles to get the boys to do as he says, and the boys do not 'respect' him as they 'respect' the conch. Also, he is not firm and cannot follow through. When Jack and his hunters let out the signal fire when the ship goes past, Ralph caves in and forgives Jack. Jack, on the other hand, is tyrannical in his leadership and the boys do exactly as he say. Perhaps if Ralph had been a bit harder on the boys, things wouldn't have turned out the way they did. Right from the beginning, Jack shows leadership skills. He is already in charge of the choir and they listen to him very well. In fact, he was 'the most obvious leader'. However, Jack has 'simple arrogance' and he is already showing signs of dictatorship at the first meeting in the way he deals with the choir. His eagerness to kill the pig and quick descent into savagery also show what he will become. Jack, in fact, would probably make a better leader than Ralph had he not been savage and tyrannical. If he had been more concerned with the fire and not the pig he would certainly be the ideal leader. Also, there is a bit to say about Piggy. 'What intelligence had been shown could be traced to Piggy'. A key pat of leadership is intelligence, and this is something that both Ralph and Jack seem to lack at times in the novel. Piggy told Ralph about the conch, suggested a meeting and helped Ralph out. He was kind of like all the people who help the prime minister rolled into one. However, Piggy was obviously not leadership material as he lacked confidence, respect and friendship from the boys. He was too involved with his old life and had serious problems embracing island life. The key traits of a good leader are: kindness, democracy, fairness, confident, able to hold respect, able to be firm, intelligence, the ability to compromise and concentrate on many important things at once (Ralph cared about the fire and Jack about the pig, but they were both equally important. Ralph and Jack were unable to compromise though.) among other things. I don't thing any of them on the island could be considered the best. The answer is that is that if the boys, especially Ralph, Jack and Piggy, had been able to work together and roll their skills into one, then we would have the best leader(s). As it is, none of them were able to display the skills of a good leader all the time. However, you should make your own decision on this ;) I really hope this helps...but next time don't leave your entire paper until the night before! :P
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Doriane Originally Answered: Lord Of The Flies Help?
My memory of the book is shaky, but I think one possible answer could be that it is William Golding's way of showing how quickly seemingly civilized people can turn into savages when law and order are absent. Remember that these were all prep school kids who were educated but turned into wild animals without any social constraints. Another explanation, but one I am less sure of, could be that Roger intentionally threw the rock aiming to miss as a sign of intimidation. If that is the case, then he was already bordering on being a savage at that point. Hope it helps.

Cassie Cassie
In my opinion, the best example of a leader would be Ralph. Although he is chosen to be chief primarily due to the fact that he looks better than Jack, he is possibly the third most mature person on the island, first and second being Piggy and Simon. Also, he is able to tell the better ideas from the rash ones made by Jack during his reign. So, a good leader would be one that is appealing to the eye, physically able to take part in the work, maturity, and good decision making.
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Annabelinda Annabelinda
Ralph was the best leader by far. He was strong, brave, and smart. Under his leadership, he tried to quell the paranoia that was being spread by all the insane kids. However, he lacked the charisma to keep everyone together. He's quick to make sacrifices for the greater good. He looks into the future and makes his decisions with full knowledge of consequences. He's charismatic, and leads people to his cause. He is brave and calm in the face of danger. He possesses the mental and/or/ physical strength to protect his group.
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Winfrid Winfrid
the leader is Jack he takes over and starts killing everyone including piggy, not to mention he did take over ralph. and they got saved by the fire in the end.:)
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Winfrid Originally Answered: Lord of the flies help?
Ralph and Jack are both natural leaders, both strong young boys, and both can see situations with a tactical almost military view. However, they express their reasonable talents in juxtaposing manners, which leads to them pushing each other away

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