What are some things you can make necklaces out of?

What are some things you can make necklaces out of? Topic: Guitar case supplies
July 19, 2019 / By Haydee
Question: I used to wear like, 6 or 7 and some girl stole them all.... but anyway what should i make one out of? I have a guitar case key.. i could try to find a small lock or something, but that's just charms, i don't have any more chains!!! and that girl won't give them back, she says she lost them, but she wears one like every day, and i rarely see her, and she convinced her boyfriend that they are hers and he's kind of my friend, so i don't want to piss him off, i'll just let that go.. it's not worth the trouble.. anyway, what could i make a necklace from?
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Doretta Doretta | 1 day ago
you can get really cheap chains at these places so dont worry: JcPenney Kohls Most beauty supply stores Just get more chains..those are the best things u can use to make a necklace.
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Cassidy Cassidy
Tell your parents to get them back, or when you see her just rip it of her - you have ever right to do that. Or you can buy nice and cheap ones off ebay, some even have free shipping.
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Annabel Annabel
A plain black string (not the tacky ones) and put a guitar pick on :D (I'm assuming you play the guitar)
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