Help needed for maths.Please?

Help needed for maths.Please? Topic: Math homework for middle school
July 19, 2019 / By Hattie
Question: My son who is at middle school has been given a couple of maths questions for homework and one them i cant even figure out. So i would appreciate some help.Thanks -- Venus williams is the fastest woman server in the game of tennis today. She has served the ball at the speed of 206 km/h (57.2 m/s) The ball travels the length of the court a distance of 23.77 m. Calculate the time taken for the ball to travel the length of the court. -show all your working.
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Dorcia Dorcia | 8 days ago
im in middle school to. im going into 8th grade and doing 10th grade math. math i love,easy. ok so hes suppose to use the equation s=d/t which is .... speed equals distance over time. since you are trying figure out the time taken use a variable to substitute the time(im using X) 57.2=23.77/x so that is 57.2=23.77 divided by X good luck i dont think i should do the work for you i would its sooo easy ;)
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Cassandra Cassandra
The amount of time in which the ball travels is .42 seconds. Just divide the meters/second by the distance. Then find the inverse of this. It should give you the right answer.
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Anitra Anitra
velocity = distance / time So then, time = distance / velocity Then plug in values: time = (23.77m) / (57.2 m/s) So time = .416 seconds, with there being only 3 significant figures due to fact that 3 sig-figs is the smallest sig-fig count of the two given values. Answer: .416 seconds
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Wilton Wilton
the formula for time is speed divided by distance. if you will substitute, it will become 57.2 m/s divided by 23.77 m. that's why, you will get the answer of 2 seconds.
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Seth Seth
Speed equals distance divided by time. Build an equation and plug in what you've got. You'll have to perform some algebra to get it to say time equals something.
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