Help me write my closing paragraph?

Help me write my closing paragraph? Topic: Help me write a conclusion paragraph
July 19, 2019 / By Hartley
Question: i suck at writing those. i really just need someone to write one and then ill put it in my own words because i have no idea what to write in it and i need an idea of what it should look like. its about a raisin in the sun and how walter, mama, and beneatha accomplished their dreams. thanks !!
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Dora Dora | 7 days ago
There dream goal is use the money to buy house to live in. How they accomplished there dream? Mama got money when her husband die and use the money to buy house. Walter his dream use the monkey to set up bussiment. Beneatha want use the money for college. However Walter lose the money, if you read that book. You will find out that Walter change from the began. Trust me, there a lesson that we can learn that Walter make mistake.
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