What are the advantages of cycling? ASAP?

What are the advantages of cycling? ASAP? Topic: I didn't do my homework forms
July 17, 2019 / By Harriette
Question: I have an assignment to be done but I can't think of any advantages of cycling besides a good form of exercise and improves my stamina. ASAP
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Donna Donna | 6 days ago
you have an assignment, and you want us to do it? Get on a bike and ride for research. Maybe you will see that you feel better after riding (exercise). Maybe you will find that you enjoyed seeing and hearing things you don't normally when you are riding in a car (touring). You might even find others riding and meet new friends (social). Perhaps you find yourself lost in imagination while riding (mental). While you are riding to get somewhere, you may even find that you didn't buy any gasoline getting there (economical). Do your research, I can't do your homework for you.
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Donna Originally Answered: How to get used to cycling shoes?
Eli It is not the shoes. Check your cycle fit. Your saddle should be high enough that while,seated, your legs are almost completely straight when the pedals are in the six o'clock position. That being the case you might find yourself spinning at a much higher rate.... In a much different gear. If there was to be a saddle adjustment it is usually higher, not lower. What you should be noticing is that you are far more efficient and pedaling at a higher cadence AND able to comfortably pedal in a faster (harder) gear. I distinctly remember the feeling of speed when I made the switch. It was like I have a good wind to my back. Soccerref

Casey Casey
I do believe we are most often too selfish, arrogant and greedy ourselves to act with the accountability we feel corporations should have. We take drugs that have killed thousands in the process of being developed, tested on those who mean nothing to us so we won't have to suffer. We use computers, cell phones, electronic gadgets that require ten year old children working in hard rock mines to get the precious materials needed and to keep the prices low enough to afford yet still make the companies billions in profits. We destroy millions of acres of tropical forests just to kill off the indigenous peoples who would oppose our taking over their lands for the riches. What we did to the American tribes is nothing compared to what we continue to do to the worlds greater peoples. After all, they are only savages too. But it is a strange and mysterious phenomenon that a stone age man born in the jungles of Borneo can come to a university and learn to be a renowned scientist in engineering or astrophysics or whatever... we are the lessor as we are simply too ignorant to see past our stupidity. Thank God for the few who are able to. Namaste'
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Anise Anise
well bicycling is good for stress relief every time that i get in allot of stress i ride 20-30 maybe 40 miles then I'm good and another advantage is that you don't need car insurance for a bike so you save $$$ and no gas bill and if you take care of one bike it will last you a life time i have seen bikes with 50,000 miles on them and most bikes are low maintenance and you don't have to buy tag or pay taxes on a bicycle either and a good bike will run you $700-$1,000 a car $15,000-$40,000 so you see that's some advantages of a bike have a nice day
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Wilmot Wilmot
Just read www.bicycling.com, www.mbaction.com, or find the answers by ordering 'The Mountain Biker's Training Bible' -306 paperback pages ( quite high price though ) at www.bagear.com.au : )
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Wilmot Originally Answered: Just a few questions about my bicycle and cycling.?
I am familiar with your bike as my wife and sister in law have one but not the W version. Any suggestion that you should buy a fixie (or two, lol) is out of the question. Stay with what you have and it should last for years. You may need a road bike when you want to go over 15 mph because the upright position slows you down. Washing is ok, warm water and dish-soap should work but not water pressure. If you want to go all OCD, some people use car wax. More important is that you lube the chain and cables and repack grease on the bearings at 2k miles. You can install a speedometer on the fork or use a wireless for neater looks but you should use a cadence meter and that has to be in the chain-stay. You shouldn't have any trouble to find a local club that has rides for your speed, a class E (11-13 mph) in most clubs. A lady at the club started a few years ago with a hybrid, lost 80 pounds now is the 12 hour record holder for women of her age (over 50) and tied with women of any age, 235 miles in 12 hours. She is on her third bike now. Some of my friends are going to that ride in May. Maybe you could train for it. Small adjustment on the saddle, as little as 1/4" do make a difference. I set my bike in the indoors trainer and after half an hour, or so, riding without traffic, I become aware of the adjustments needed. Since a hybrid is not a very efficient bike and you ride mostly short distances, perfect height is not vital but it could be if you go for longer rides. The issue with thighs burning, I think that is due to first, not warming up. Your 5.5 miles is just a warm up but you go into it cold turkey and pedal quite fast and then no allowance for cooling down. Secondly, you may do like many novice riders that push higher speeds mashing the pedals harder. higher cadence at lower pressure is better way for you to go. Here is where the cadence meter comes onto play. You want 70-90 rpm for now. When I start from cold, I do 70-75 rpm for warming up. Then fo up to 80-85 rpm and some bursts of 90-95 rpm. Cool down at 80-85 until heart beat is kind of normal before dismounting. Edit: This book is easy to understand and has all the info you need for now. Edit II: I was out of the bike as well for about 14 years. the in 2010 I got a bike and did 500 miles and in 2011 2kmiles, in 2012 2500 miles. My goal is 3k in 2013.

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