Thoughts of getting terminal cancer terrifying me?

Thoughts of getting terminal cancer terrifying me? Topic: Issues and example of a thesis
July 17, 2019 / By Harriett
Question: Whenever I look up people who died of horrible cancers at a young age, It always terrifies me. The general thesis is- It's spontaneous, random, can happen to anyone at any time for no reason at all. For example Andy Whitfield (spartacus) died from a very agressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He was in perfect shape, athletic, tanned, great diet, only 40. How can people live with these thoughts and not be depressed and scared every single minute? My anxiety over this issue is so bad that every time I see an apple computer, it reminds me of cancer. Not just cancer, but one that is very unlikely to be cured. People tell me the only way I can get over this fear is to "live every day like its your last". Well if that were true, I would be crying and screaming every day, because most of us do not have the money to live like that. How do you deal with the fact that this can happen at any time and even if you were to get a full body scan every year, you could still come down with a terrible aggressive form just weeks the screenings? I just know in 10-20 years our preventative screening measures will become so advanced (hopefully), and living in this very time is such a risk.
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Donella Donella | 4 days ago
I worry about cancer at least once per day but if it had got this bad maybe it's time to see a counsellor or therapist about this issue. it sounds like you need some help putting it into some perspective.
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Donella Originally Answered: No trace of cancer found, question, after thinking it was terminal?
Uterine cancer does not have a tumor marker and therefore cannot be monitored through the blood. You don’t say what kind of peritoneal cancer she had, but that one is doubtful too and it kind of sounds like you are really referring to uterine cancer. I’m guessing you mean she only has one kind of cancer and it is uterine. The only possible way I can think of a doctor saying there is less than a 1% chance of recurrence is if she had a small, less than 2cm, low grade, stage 1-1B cancer with no lymph node involvement. If this were the case however, it would be very unusual for it to recur so soon and so large. As you can see your statement is rather confusing. The short answer to your question is they cannot find evidence of the cancer, but that does not mean it is not there. It only takes a single cancer cell to remain for the disease to progress and we have no way of checking on the cellular level. If in fact you are talking about an advanced uterine cancer the prognosis is not very good.

Caryl Caryl
That makes perfect sense. While you're sitting around worrying about cancer, the anxiety could cause a heart attack.
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Angie Angie
I was also just thinking this lol I think everyone is terrified about being a victim of cancer. The word "Cancer" just scares everyone in general.
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Willy Willy
u have stress and ur letting it take administration of ur life. no you could actually comprehend what is going to ensue interior the destiny, inspite of the incontrovertible fact that that's going to ensue no count number if u worry approximately it or no longer... so why no longer purely stay ur life. yet another project is that oftentimes issues are worse in our heads. the phobia is of the unknown, like the say. whilst something undesirable does ensue, we cope. btw, I actual have cancer and that i think sorry for U.
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Hi Sorry for your recurrence.I got surgery for bladder cancer three years ago. No recurrence. Originally treated injecting bacteria in the bladder for six weeks to target the immune system intensive work the bladder. Three of my sisters lost their fight with cancer. They went all the way with doctors recommendations (including prohibition use of natural treatments) and nothing. On my personal case, I will use a combination. Do your own search. Is YOUR life, and YOUR body... and you are not a Ginnie pig. Boost your immune system naturally with (Noni, echinacia,cholostrum,etc) or whatever you prefer. I use 4life Transfer factors (the best of the best in my opinion-boost 427% with only two caps and in just two days). Search and try GRAVIOLA. Hope this help.

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