Ouija Boards. Why do they work for some people but not for others?

Ouija Boards. Why do they work for some people but not for others? Topic: Pre written research papers
July 17, 2019 / By Harriet
Question: I am a born skeptic who does not automatically believe much of anything based simply on what other people say. If I am interested in something I have been told or read I will research it farther. That was true 30 yrs ago when I learned about Ouija boards. To my way of thinking, SOMEBODY had to be pushing it despite everyone saying they weren't. To prove SOMEBODY was cheating, myself and a trusted friend left the room and had the others pick out a random female name, with the stipulation that it could not be a name of anybody we knew. They wrote the name on a piece of paper my friend and I had also signed. There was no way of cheating because nobody could duplicate our signatures or change the chosen name after it was written due to using an ink pen. After they wrote the name on our pre signed paper, one person called us to come in after they had all left the room, taking the paper with them. We came back in and just the two of us sat down with the board to ask it what the chosen name was. Not knowing the answer ourselves there was no way we could cheat, yet the board correctly spelled out the name "Willow". Test was a success, but that success creeped us out and we decided not to play with it anymore. The exact same test was repeated later by people who were there or heard about it. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. I have my own theories as to why this is true, but would very much like to hear what others have to say about it. I am older and wiser today and can tell you from firsthand expierence that these boards can, but not always, cause a lot of trouble for people who mess with them. That much I know. What I dont know is why these things work for some people but not others. Its not due to religous belief either. After a heated discussion, I got a very devout adult christian to try it just so they could prove to me that it would NOT work with them. Well it DID work and I felt really bad for the guy because it messed his head up pretty bad......but it happened!! So whats the answer? Why some people but not others? I have asked this same question in two different catagories but am not getting the type of answers I am looking for or need. The responders mean well, but their understanding of this question just seems to be lacking so will try again in here. Anybody???
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Donaldina Donaldina | 3 days ago
I actually have a long and very detailed scientific answer regarding the ideomotor effect, but i feel like each time i try to type it out, it becomes more and more redundant. So Instead im going to try and put it quite simply. Its a game of perception rather than a doorway to the undead. Perception of energy because the entire world is composed on energy. This is not unlike meditation, palm reading and tarrot cards. All of these things are not meant to show us something supernatural, rather open our subconcious to the unseen. This is where i loose people but ill try my best. When using the ouiiji board you cannot aim to manipulate it, when a person goes into the game with the idea of proving it right theyre bodies, whether by will or not, tnese up and they in trun inadvertantly move the slider on their own, this is why it does not work for some people. But when a person enters into this game with the ideal of proving it wrong, sometimes, they purposely hardly touch the slider or overrelax allowing their bodies to be moer open to the flow odf enegry because as seen in meditation, the body is more adept to these things when in a relaxed state. When your body is relaxed this allows freedom of muscle movement and openness of the subconcious, subconcious too plays a vital roll in channeling the ouiiji board, because when their is only once intended goal in mind, and you have a single goal in your path, your body focuses, it relaxes and suddebnly your open to the enrgy that is flowing around you. Those in the other rom, are pushing thier energy out into the world, pushing you to find that name, guide your hand to that single name, and your in turn focused on finding it, and the the posotive energy that they give ract twith the negative energy that you give and in turn propell eachother, causing your relazed and easily pliable body to move with the forces of both parties. This is how the ouiiji works, its a different play on the more popular theory of self-fullfilling-prophocy. When someone wants something badly enough and truely believes that they will get it they inadvertently set their subconsious mind into putting it into play. This is the theory behind fortune tellers, this is the theory behind crystal balls and tarrot cards. ITs what you want to hear. And the idea behind voodoo saiances and ouiiji boards are nothing short of a different strand of selffullfillment. Its so hard to explain this without sounding like a crazy cat lady. But im currently studying under a fortune teller and graduate from arcadia university of psycology. Im an artist and i think its all very facinating, but im a strong beleiver in energy and our ability to influence it possotively and negatively. And it might all seem like crazy talk, but its really all scientific. In short the reason some people have gotten this to work is in my opinion a cause of the negative posotive reaction, and selffullfing prophecy put to work. And the reason it doesnt work for soem is becuase the subconciuous is not in the right mindset, for a ouiiji board to work you need three key ingredients, relaxation, a set goal [or the right mindset] and devotion to the answer [passion of the openmind]
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Cary Cary
From what I understand, the oujia board DOES work for some people and not for others based on what they want to happen. The idea is that the dead and never-living spirits use the energy being put into the board to communicate. Also it is thought that using a board opens a "hole" so to speak, that allows many spirits to travel through. It's why on so many people have a record of having demonic entities annoying them or just a lonely spirit attached to them - because the board opens the hole, but no one ever thinks to CLOSE it back up. I have also been a skeptic when it comes to certain areas of the paranormal, but I still believe some things do exist. People just telling me stories is nice as a story, but unless I have solid proof or first hand experience it would still make me doubt the credibility. If you have a person involved with a oujia that really doesn't want it to happen, more than likely it wont. Every living thing has an energy, not necessarily considered metaphysical, but we have it. I guess in short, it depends on who you want to contact, and who is doing the contacting. Ghosts aren't "phychic" in that they can determine the future, but they do pick up on what kind of person you are. It can know things just as any dead person would on hand, which is why you ask VERY specific questions and always keep your guard up. I guess having it as a game makes it seem like anyone can do it, but it has such a long and diluted history that most don't think about the credibility of the board.
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Angellina Angellina
A lot of people will tell you that ouija boards work on the ideomotor effect. Truth is, this does account for a small amount of ouija board users. Outside of that, there are two types of users. The victims, and the pushers. The "pushers" adamantly claim that they aren't moving the planchette, but they really are. The "victims" trust that the pushers aren't moving the planchette, and know they aren't moving it, so they believe the message is coming from the dead. Your friends played a prank on you and communicated the name to the other person using the board. Maybe through hand signals or something. Actually the boards have been proven over and over again not to work. Try repeating the test, but you simply observe whats going on. This time, blindfold the people using the board, and turn it. You are sure to get complete nonsense everytime.
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Willoughby Willoughby
quiji boards are real, in the past I've used them a few times but before i used them i found out everything i needed to know about them such as how to open the right gates and let the right sort of spirits through what questions should and shouldn't be asked and most importantly how to close the gates when you finish if i was you i would do some research before you start but this dose not mean you shouldn't use a quiji board just dont rush into thees sort of things!...oh and in my opinion bloody Mary and the headless horseman is all crap! :)
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Seir Seir
The answers you will get will be matter of opinion not based on facts. Because this is something to do with the paranormal, there is no correct answer. But in my opinion I think what makes it work are the people using this form of communication. The more open someone is, the more likely it is to work. I am a paranormal investigator and I am against using the ouija board as a way to communicate. But at the same time I use other equipment that allows a spirit to try to communicate, which in reality basically is the same as a ouija board. So again, I think it has to do with how open the person is to communication with the unknown. Regarding your Christian friend, something that most paranormal researchers do not understand is how someone could believe in the holy spirit or Jesus but not ghosts. This person might not have believe they could communicate with a "ghost" but believing in angels could have been open to communicate with something they would not consider a ghost. If that makes any sense. They might have believe before they used the board that it doesnt work because they dont believe in ghosts, and that is what communicates through the board, when in reality they could believe their dead grandma watches over them and tucks them in at night but that is not a ghost to them, but an angel. Ask me the difference..........Heck if I know, ask them what the difference is! LOL Hope someone makes sense of it for ya!
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