Anyone know of any jobs in the orlando area?

Anyone know of any jobs in the orlando area? Topic: Retail industry case studies
July 17, 2019 / By Harper
Question: NOT any disney jobs because i live too far. but does anyone know of any jobs or any place that is hiring? i am 17 years old and I have retail experience. I have already applied to walmart,sams,target,jcpenney,sears & etc.
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Best Answers: Anyone know of any jobs in the orlando area?

Donalda Donalda | 2 days ago
Currently the entire state of Florida is experiencing the economic downturn worse than most. One of the areas that has been hardest hit is Orlando and Central Florida. The problem has been with the downturn of the housing market, it has greatly impacted the entire area. Since other areas of the country have been hit by the downturn, there are less tourists visiting and that also greatly affects us. If you are interested in moving to Orlando, you should consider how much savings you have and how you will adjust in case you lose your job here. I live near Daytona and many of my neighbors and friends have seen a reduction in the hours they are working. My neighbor used to work 40 hours at Lowes and because of the tough economic times, he has had his hours cut to 20. Another lady I met at JCPenny was telling me that she had worked for JCP for 20 years and always worked 40 hours a week, but now she is barely able to get 16 hours scheduled. That said, tere are many possibilities for jobs in Florida, you just have be flexible and willing to put in the effort to find a job. Again, because of the favorable tax rates and poularity of Florida, retail locations might be down for now but in turn pick-up later. You should check-out a website: www.employflorida.com which is a website dedicated to jobs here in Florida. You can check there for specific counties and what type of industry you are in. If you are 17, you may consider moving to Florida, working and also studying at college so that you can increase your resume and go for leadership positions in your future caree.
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Carry Carry
Even fast Food is in the Pits. Florida hasn't really come back much at all & all my friends have gone on long vacations to avoid being more depressed than they already are in Florida. Before you go there call & check out the real story.
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Angelle Angelle
Have you tried applying to Publix? I work there, and we are almost always hiring. And, when you apply at one store, the other stores in the area can go into the computer and pull your resume from that store. It's very convenient to anyone who's applying. Hope I helped!
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Well, comparatively, Florida in general, and that area is rather affordable, but that's because of the relatively low rate of pay. Florida is a 'right to work' state, meaning you have no work rights. You can be fired for any or no reason, kept at low pay for any or no reason. We have a large pool of cheap labor. I work for a NY company. Our fulfillment center is in FLA due to tax and labor laws that make it vary advantageous to operate out of Florida. My pay is a pittance compared to NY wages (16 bucks an hour) but I make more than a Florida EMT. So that guy who pulls you from your car and stabilizes you on the way to the ER makes less than me, a shipping clerk. And it is ONLY the fact that our boss is a New Yorker that makes this possible. He started us a NY paperboy wages, which much higher than Florida's 7-something an hour minimum wage. Florida public schools are some of the WORST. And the weather SUCKS. Ever been to Florida in the summer? 80-90+ degrees, 60%+ humidity, and it lasts 9 months. You can never open your windows or the humidity causes all your papers to curl up. Throw away all your silk shirts... no good here... they become wet bags during the walk from your door to your car. Get used to seeing cutoff shorts at wedding receptions. Witness all the wood panel houses slowly moldering into the ground for the effects of constant humidity. Adult entertainment is our #3 industry, after hotels & restaurants and call centers (cheap labor again). Unless you have a highly-prized professional skillset, I wouldn't do it. I've lived here for more than 30 years, and have been trying to escape ever since. It's a pretty common story... you get here and spend your life trying to get out. Eventually, you get so used to it that when you visit an upscale area you're blown away. Grass is always greener and everything, but when I finish my ecology degree, I'm out of here for Colorado. Just for the weather. So I can BREATHE again. So I can open the window. So I can wear something other than basketball shorts occasionally without dying. Every summer, at least three kids die from heat exhaustion during football or volleyball practice. The heat gives athletes heart attacks on the basketball courts... 18 year old kids! Unless you research VERY carefully and find something JUST right, I wouldn't do it. So many have the story of coming here, giving it their best, and then getting trapped because you can't get out... you just never make the money to cross over into Georgia, and when you're too poor to move to Georgia, you got problems.

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