Is this a toxic work environment?

Is this a toxic work environment? Topic: Works for hire case search
July 16, 2019 / By Happy
Question: I work in a department of 12 people. 5 people are friends of the boss, she hired them, they are from her country and she put one friend in each office so it is like we each work with a spy. One woman committed suicide at work because of harassment. The boss was harassing her because she took certified sick leave after her divorce. Another colleague has to drink alcohol at night to get to sleep. Another is taking the boss to court for trying to sack her for taking certified sick leave for a stroke. On her evaluation the boss wrote "Maureen can't be counted on. Maureen takes sick leave. She is not a good team player." One colleague was sacked recently. I was in the office getting work and the boss came out of her office with her friend and in front of everyone said laughing with her friend "We are going to wipe the smile off your face, we are about to do your review". There was an evaulation sent around about our opinion on our boss. She only gave it to her friends to fill in and falsified the rest of the signatures. Am I working in a normal work environment? Should I get out?
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Dolores Dolores | 9 days ago
Toxic Environment - Yes! Normal - What is normal - open question, but sounds like you are allowing the boss to bully and harass you. Actively search for another position, and be sure to mark that they cannot contact your previous boss. If you are in America, your boss would be in serious trouble for violating FMLA laws. Keep a daily log or journal in your car of the activities at the office. Just in case, you end up in court yourself. If you keep a daily log or journal about work activities, it is admissible in court, including unemployment if you are fired for no cause. If you work at a large enough company, Human Resources or Corporate Compliance will not allow employee discrimination, because of the law suit factor. But I would not approach HR or Corporate Compliance unless you have a lot of verifiable evidence. It also makes a difference if you work for a private or public company.
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Dolores Originally Answered: Is this an example of a hostile work environment?
Yes, this is a hostile work environment however, situations like these are often overlooked or dismissed . Dana should speak to her manager and/or HR representative as it is their responsibility to ensure the environment is comfortable for all their employees.

Caron Caron
i think of you're able to probably get her for sexual harrasment although like somebody suggested decrease than ~ record the coolest purchase!!! Even conversations (exceedingly after the war of words). one extra element you're able to do is digital mail her a "reaction" on your assembly and put in your perspectives. understanding her she needless to say will take the bait and blast you with some thing beside the point and walla! you're starting to be the putting out of a few thing in writing. additionally ~ do no longer enable your thoughts get interior the superb way in this one ~ shop concentrated, do no longer enable her get the 1st-fee of you and carry the full element she says, does, asks in some style of record to your destiny use! I doubt however if that's a "authentic" sexual harassment case at this element yet sense it might ok be .... carry in there and shelter the air freshener sensible! What a slob!
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Angeline Angeline
Simple answer is yes. Leave. But I know its not as straight forward as that. Actively search for alternative employment and see if you can ride through the bitterness. You will have the last laugh when you resign right after you review!
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Willard Willard
If you have to ask this question, then I have to question your intelligence or the validity of this story. What about this makes you question if this is normal or healthy?
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Willard Originally Answered: Can I sue my employers for hostile work environment or anything else?
it is NOT a hostile workplace until a judge or the EEOC says it is, just because you believe it does nt make it so. you work in an at will state that means you can be let go for any reason or no reason, being insuborfinate is any reason. Subway is not a career choice let it go and move on with your life

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