Ughh i need help with my stupid math homework?

Ughh i need help with my stupid math homework? Topic: Homework help phone number
July 19, 2019 / By Hannie
Question: Ok, i know i should be doing my own hw. But idc. I really need answers to this ONE question! Here it is.. Which number has a value between 6 and 7? A. Square root of 33 B. Square root of 40 C. Square root of 52 D. Square root of 67 Thanks guys, i wont be asking for anymore help with math hw :P i just really dont know the answer to this question xD No hate comments please.
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Best Answers: Ughh i need help with my stupid math homework?

Dollie Dollie | 7 days ago
do you not own a calculator? or a phone? you have a computer could use that... but its B its 6.3something
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Kilo- | Hecto-| Deca-| Units(grams meters liters)| Deci-| Centi-| Milli-| ——————————————————————————————— Count how many spaces you have to move from Deci to Centi. So you move the decimal point one space to the right (right now the decimal point is at the right of the 12) so the first answer would be 12 dm = 120 Cm Then you start counting from Centi to Deci. So you move one space to the left this time. So the answer is 1.2 dm and so on for number three you would start at units and go to Deci I hope I helped

Caroline Caroline
the answer is 40. 6*6 = 36 7*7= 49 so you know the answer will be between 36 to 49, only choice is 40.
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Angelica Angelica
i'm unsure if there is the thank you to calculate it. basically think of of it logically. each and every extensive kind with those digit of two has the valuables. examine numbers with those digit of four. It shouldn't take too long to determine it out.
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