Why do you think we are now frequently hearing of babies dying from parents accidently leaving.?

Why do you think we are now frequently hearing of babies dying from parents accidently leaving.? Topic: Use case single sign on
July 17, 2019 / By Haleigh
Question: ...them in vehicles? To me and to many, this is a terrible tragedy. I cannot imagine how painful this for parents and I know in my heart no one would intentionally leave their child in a car under these conditions. Is it a sign of the times we live in that is so fast paced, the changing of driving habits on a particular day of the parents or the fact that the baby is placed in the back seat for safety and very often falls asleep and is not seen or heard?
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Dolena Dolena | 3 days ago
1. We all spend a lot more time in our vehicles these days, with windows up and cabin temperature controlled by air conditioner/heat. The more time spent in our vehicles with windows up, the more opportunities we have for accidentally leaving our children in our cars, windows up. 2. This goes with number one. Children spend a lot more time in cars these days then in the past. In the past, most children were raised at home by a parent. If the parent was going somewhere by vehicle, they were used to having their children with them at all times. They would have realized almost immediately upon leaving the car that "something was missing." 3. Most children ride in the back of vehicles these days, contributing to the "out of sight, out of mind" factor that must come into play in these tragic events. There were no airbags in the past. Most parents purposely put their young child up front so that they could tend to them if necessary. This is not an option these days. 4. Undoubtedly, we are a busier, more pre-occupied world. This is even true for the stay-at-home parents. We have so much to do, to think about, so many places to be. We have so much more to watch on t.v./read/look at on-line ... and so many more reasons to stay up later and get less sleep. We have so many more contributing factors to our forgetfulness and loss of train of thought. 5. The media is a much more accessible medium these days, trendy and there is much more focus given to the 'shock' value news stories. This is sad commentary... but it is currently trendy among most news mediums to report on these tragic cases. What used to be local news, is now easily picked up and made national news in an instant. Combine that with the current trend in news, and we are probably going to hear about any case, no matter where it occured in relation to us in the world, concerning a child left in a vehicle and dying. I have two different feelings that compete in my head when I see/read/hear of these cases. The almost immediate first reaction is: How could you forget your child? Is it because you and your spouse spend more time at work then at home raising your children, so work is on the top of the thought priority list in your head? Did you really never think about your child all day, so you never realized you had not dropped them off at daycare? Why didn't the childcare provider you use not call you to ask why your child had not been dropped off? Is it because you leave them somewhere where there are so many children that one not showing up is simply not worth noting? Because it was not unusual for you to sometimes not drop your child off and not take the time to make the courtesy call to the provider that your child would not be in that day? I could go on and on... But then I try to appreciate the human aspect of it in relation to the world we live in. We live in a world where both parents working is considered normal. Two working parents in most cases is necessary to support the lifestyle many expect to live these days. The message to give up that lifestyle and go down to one income to raise your children is not the popular message these days. In many cases, you have single parents who must work and are very exhausted and often recieve little if no help/support from anyone and have no choice but to use the cheapest, most crowded childcare facilities available. We are all human. I often had the fear that I would leave my child in the driveway and drive off. Once I had three children, I would carry the baby out in the carrier, put the baby down, load my other two children in our vehicle, and then put the baby in. Sometimes I would freeze for a moment when I started my vehicle with the confused fear/thought that I had forgotten to put the baby in! (The baby always was in.) I did once, however, forget to put the seatbelt over the carrier. This was when I had only one! I drove around a corner, and heard a muffled sounding cry. I looked back and did not see my baby! As I had turned, her infant seat had simply rolled right over. She was hanging from her seat looking at the floor of the vehicle. I immediately pulled over in a safe location, jumped out, and uprighted her seat. She was absolutely fine, but I felt terrible! How could I possibly have forgotten to put her seatbelt on! I know it seems like a weak comparison, but I must explore the possibility that if I could have forgotten to seatbelt my child in a moment of forgetfulness/tiredness/busy mind, then maybe --just maybe-- it is possible to understand that someone who is used to a routine could forget that they had their child in the car and hopped out and went on their way, forgetting the child was in the vehicle. The bottom line is, as unimaginable the thought is to ME, the fact is that this IS happening, and I don't think that all of these people who have made this tragic mistake are "bad" parents. Maybe some are. But some are good people who simply fell
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Dolena Originally Answered: How to ask parents to get me a hearing test?
stop hinting and just tell them that you cant hear well in class and that you were thinking about getting a hearing test just in case, they wont understand that you are serious until you say so ps- i found it kinda funny that you said you cant hear and then said "heard they are expensive" ha,ha, get it?..... good luck!

Carly Carly
This is a terrible tragedy and I cant imagine what a parent would go through after something like this. I think we are hearing about it more frequently because people are busier and trying to balance so many things in their lives at once. Parents are overworked and stressed out, making their minds wander and become preoccupied. However, I dont understand how its so possible for parents to do this. I am a busy person with a full time caeer, in school and have a home. When my daughter was younger, I never left in any where on accident or forgot about her. It was just one of those natural things that you do. In addition to parents being overworked, I also think that the media is reporting things a lot differently than it used to. Also, there are more people plugged into the internet than ever before, so the information is easily accessible. Stories like these probably occured before but we just werent as aware of them.
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Anette Anette
My mom talks about a time when she got my sister out of the car when she was a little toddler and the door closed and locked the keys in the car. She realized how easy it would have been to lock her daughter in the car, and it was a hot sunny day. She had to call my dad at work to come and unlock the car so they could go home. Does it happen more often now? I think so, because there are more people now. And because more people work. Americans especially work a lot of hours, get stressed, distracted, tired, and are used to dropping bubba off at day care then not worrying about him (so if their mind somehow sleeps through day care, he's asleep in the back and their mind starts thinking ahead and thinks he was dropped off, then you have them completely forgetting he's there.) Then you have the idiots who think that a car seat is a babysitter. Let's face it, when you're running into the store for one or two items it's tempting to leave the baby in the car seat for those 5 minutes. I never WOULD, but it IS tempting. And then let's talk about kids left in the car alone. At what age is it appropriate? I read about a boy of 12 left with a few month old in the car. The baby started to cry, he tried to consul it, finally ending up playing a game system and ignoring the baby. When mom came out, the baby was dead. His ability to calm the baby wasn't right, and he had hurt the baby accidentally, and the baby had died. I've read plenty of stories about 5-10 year olds left in a car unattended making it move and hurting people. My mom used to send us out to the car as punishment if we weren't behaving once we were about 7 or so. Experience has shown that to be less responsible now. Want to know the worst part of it? They have these pads that have been developed that would cost as little as $20 a unit to put it on car seats that would set off an alarm if mom/dad walked more than 20 feet from the unit and the unit still had weight (baby) on it. There's others, more expensive, that have been developed that would tell you if the car's temperature is too hot for baby. And some set off a LOUD alarm, to get people walking by to notice, to get a baby out. We have the technology to stop most of these tragedies from happening. Why the blazes we haven't forced car seat manufacturers to put them into use is beyond me.
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Wiley Wiley
I'm not sure how old I was but since I can remember this I had to be at least 3 or 4. I woke up in the back seat of the car completely wet with sweat. It was a mall parking lot. My mother had forgotten me in the car. I got out and started looking for her. 2 girls found me and gave me the rest of the ice in their soda and took me to mall security. Back in those days they didn't put toddlers in car seats, or even infants half the time. A 2 or 3 year old might could get themselves out of a car but they can't get themselves out of a carseat. They are designed to keep kids safe and they usually do but in the hands of an absentminded parent any child containment can be a death trap. It may happen more too. Most moms work too much these days and people are so stressed they forget why they work in the first place.
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Saxon Saxon
I cannot fathom how you can accidentally leave a child in the car. Yes I forget things but my kids umm no theyre always at the front of my mind. Sadly I think sometimes people do think it will be faster to just pop in & not wake/take bub, "I'll only be a minute" , unfortunately distractions or delays can happen & its the baby who suffers the consequences. It can take a car thief less than a minute to break into & drive off with your car & I'm pretty sure they wouldnt be expecting to have a baby in the back seat either! I dont even put my kids in the car before my groceries, bubs & cars have been stolen while Mums busy loading up. I know these parents never intend this to happen & I really do feel for their loss & conscience , no one ever intends for the worst case scenario, its a sad reflection of the it wont happen to me mentality... it does & it happens too often. Please parents NEVER leave your kids in the car, not when you pay for fuel, not when you just nip in for a bottle of milk, not while you just grab a take out coffee, NEVER.
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Saxon Originally Answered: I'm feeling overwhelmed. How do you do it? (Especially working/single parents w/ babies)?
I only have one child, but I feel your pain. My husband travels frequently, I drive an hour each way for work. It gets hectic. The one thing I've learned for the past few years is to only do what you absolutely must when you're on your own. I prepare/freeze simple meals in advance. Since it's just me & my daughter, we don't really eat too much. I keep plenty of fresh fruits & veggies on hand, we tend to fill up on that stuff and then I just cut up chicken breast (Tyson makes the fully cooked breasts, I keep a bag of those in the freezer & just microwave them). I also make things like tuna noodle casserole & spaghetti - both dishes are great reheated the next day. I write out the bills in advance & just mark on the envelope when to mail it. I only do what housework/laundry is absolutely necessary during this time. I'm guessing your house is like mine.... even when you have the time to do these things regularly, it still never seems to end! I also wake up a half hour earlier than usual when he's gone. That little bit of time makes a big difference. My husband just left yesterday for another trip. After dealing with so many of these trips, I've gotten used to it & have fallen into pattern. You'll handle things, I'm sure of it! Moms are great under pressure! Good luck to you!

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