Foundation makes my face look cakey?! Help?

Foundation makes my face look cakey?! Help? Topic: Makeup brush case set
July 19, 2019 / By Hailee
Question: Everytime I use any foundation high end or drug store whether it's liquid, cream, or powder - it makes my face look cakey. You can see the skin marks where the foundation settles in. Like it's obvious I'm wearing make up. Please help me! I do moisturize my face before! I even tried using primer first! My skin type is acne-prone if that helps - it isn't as bad as some cases. I've had acne since I was 12 - I'm 16 now. LOL. /fml.
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Dodie Dodie | 1 day ago
It's due to two things: your foundation & your application. Most likely, the foundations you are using are too thick. You need to find one with a thinner consistency. If you put it on your hand & move your hand, does it drip? If not, it's way too thick! A thinner consistency gives a more natural skin-like appearance, as it melts into your skin, rather than sitting on top. Most importantly, you need the right tools. I definitely suggest the use of a buffing brush or stippling brush. Personally, I prefer the buffing brush. Just stipple the foundation on, then lightly buff it in in small, circular motions. Also, if you use any setting powder, don't use a brush. Just press it in with a powder puff. Then, set your makeup with a setting spray. This will give your foundation a natural look & take away any cakiness.
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I understand what you mean. Finding the perfect foundation color is a lot of work, and I don't think you can do it just online. I think the only way to get it right is to go to a good makeup or beauty store and try a few out, see how they look to you, ask other opinions, etc. Fortunately, there are lots of good foundation products along--both cream and powder--that you should be able to find the perfect one. Just one question though, since you skin will be nice and tan, would it be possible to just use a tinted moisturizer and skip the foundation? Just asking because I'm a guy and have started to use Neutrogena tinted moisturizer and it looks really smooth but natural too.

Carlota Carlota
Two matters to take a look at: 1. Practice a primer earlier than make-up application 2. After you are executed conclude the powder off with a repair spray (make-up forever makes a repair, urban decay makes The all Nighter and MAC has repair+). I select to spray it onto a tender powder brush and really frivolously (just with the guidelines) buff it over my whole face. This also makes your make-up keep on all day if you're too broke to get a completing spray you could constantly simply mist a powder brush with the teeniest little bit of water and buff over your powder. It is going to do away with that powdery layer sitting over your face. Additionally, the teeniest little bit of hairspray sprayed about 8 inches from the face works like a attraction as a fixative. Sounds weird but it surely works.
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Aneta Aneta
i use dinair airbrush makeup and it cover sup everything and it makes my skin look flalwess...its super lightweight so it never gets cakey and its also all water based so it is not bad for my skin because it doesnt clog my pores...ive used their stuff for a long time now and i love it...i hope i helepd in some way
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Wilbur Wilbur
**Don't use cream foundation** it is too thick. I don't usually like liquid foundation but if you must, use a really thin kind. I use powder. I don't put too much foundation on. Just a little just to even my skin tone out. Don't get it too dark compared to your actual skin tone too, if you compare it to your neck, chest, arms or even legs if you are wearing shorts, your face will look orange.
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Sanford Sanford
Use a different brand or try a different shade of foundation. If you go to Macy's they will match their foundation to your skin! However, their makeup products can be very spendy... Be sure to wash of all foundation before you go to bed each night :) makeup can clog your pores, of course.
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