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July 19, 2019 / By Gytha
Question: My daughter of 17 years of age has an open bite i would like to know if there is any plastic surgery that will close the gap for good?
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Dixee Dixee | 6 days ago
More than likely your daughter would need some pretty heavy duty Orthodontics and possibly including breaking her jaw and resetting it, which is not a lot of fun. An open bite is one of the most difficult cases to correct. Full braces would be put on and if the bite could not be corrected with just that, then they would have to consider breaking the jaw and resetting it to have better occlusion all the way around and then wire her jaw shut for several weeks. Very extensive and time consuming not to mention the painful. It can be done and your best bet would be to set up a consult with a local Orthodontist. They will take a series of xrays to determine the best course of treatment. Good luck.
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Carlene Carlene
U can check with your dentist if they can do a filling. I ever heard that if the cap is not wide, they can do a filling to close the gap. The reason why they do the filling is that filling takes only mins to close the gap while braces will take like months or even years.
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Andreana Andreana
try veneers, however if the gap is too open, u might need braces.....i was recommended to do that whole jaw breaking thing because of my open bite,,,but i went with veneers....if u do veneers, make sure the dr doesnt give ur daughter long teeth....they think that it close the bite, but esthetically it looks horendous...
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Weston Weston
the habits u mentioned lead to open bite , most cases are resolved by fixed appliances and habit breaking appliances as in ur case , so i think ur on the right track , don worry ..this much shd be fine to take care of the open bite
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Samson Samson
This is one of the things an orthodontist can help u with. Depending on severity and etc. sometimes they can use braces, expanders, etc. to fix things OR sometimes surgery is necessary and an oral surgeon will usually do that.
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