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Powered Sub Question, So Confused? Topic: A research submarine has a
July 19, 2019 / By Gwenyth
Question: hello, i have been looking for a powered sub for my home theater system for ever now, i have a huge room so i know i need something with at least 250 RMS watts. I have been looking at these subs so far: Polk audio PSW505, infinity PS212, SVS PB12-ISD, JBL S120PII. I have no clue which one is the best, in chest pound, eat thumping, great clean bass. so which one is the best, in your opinion, pound for pound, maybe a little more for bass. also, if anyone has another suggestions, i would appreciate it. thanks so much-Mitch. oh and what about the BUTTKICKER LFE SHAKER, sounds to good to be ture?
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Dindrane Dindrane | 2 days ago
Canadian manufacturers have an advantage. our government pumps millions of dollars into research facilities for our award winning speaker manufacturers. Check out reviews for Paradigm, PSB or Energy for starters. i have an inexpensive pair of speakers by one of the lower lines by one of these manufacturers. i paid only $120 a pair and they sound incredible in my system. subwoofwers can get a little pricey but you don't need to go overboard. Unless your room is HUGE, a single 10 or 12" sub will do. people putting multiple subs in cars are fools. There's no need for that at all.
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Caris Caris
Depends on what you want to spend, but Velodyne is a great sub. Their MiniVee 8" will outperform most 10 - 12" subs and is extremely accurate due to the massive amount of power that they put out. Klipsch is another line to check out. The best that I've heard is the JL Audio home series. They create an unreal amount of SPL, but don't come cheap.
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Andee Andee
Here are a couple of brands that will give you the most bang (or boom if you prefer) for your buck from my experience... - Hsu Research - SVS Sound If you compared similarly priced models from those "popular name brands" that you will find at those chain consumer electronics stores, you might be surprised at the difference in performance levels. I personally like Hsu. I own the Hsu VTF-2 Mk 3 model. I had two, but found it to be overkill for my modest listening room. Even with one, I can easily overpower my room if I wanted to. Very nice.
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Weldon Weldon
Mitch you say "I have no clue which one is best"Therefore you have to listen to them and pick the one that satisfies your needs. There is no other way.See if you can borrow the ones you like and try them at home. A genuine dealer will let you do this.
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Salmon Salmon
Velodyne is great . They have a guide based on the capacity of your room. Here's the link. http://www.velodyne.com/velodyne/wproduc... This might help you too http://www.subwoofertests.com/
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