Should I go out for the volleyball/softball team?

Should I go out for the volleyball/softball team? Topic: The sister team
July 19, 2019 / By Gussie
Question: I want and need to get a sport. I quit tennis last year (because my sister was much better than me, and I didn't have the temperament for it) and eventually I became so lazy. Pretty much all my friends and family members are in varsities (basketball, baseball, softball and volleyball) and I want to be in one too! I want to be good at a sport for a change. I'm a sophomore in high school now and I want to should try out new things (I might take up ballet, but I don't know yet). My friends are encouraging me to join either softball or volleyball, but I have no experience in either and tryouts are coming up soon. I really want to be good at a sport and not be known amongst my friends and family as "the one that does nothing" anymore :( HEEEELP! What should I do?
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Diann Diann | 5 days ago
I play Volleyball right now. I played softball for 3 years. I only quit because i really didnt have much intrest in the sport. But Volleyball is a quick moving game. You need very strong muscles to play!! Softball is more standing around. Although you do run probably a bit more than the normal volleyball team. My team runs 2 miles every practice! I play school volleyball and club. I can give you a few good drills for each! The volleyball ones are for two people though. That way you can focus more on you. :] VOLLEYBALL - There are a few that would be great for two people! First- peppering- it is where two or more people pass the ball just back and forth... Second- ABC- this is where two people pass or set back and forth saying a letter each time- try to get to z! Third- You can do this by yourself or with a partner- 123- 1.bump 2. set. 3. spike or hit. You can bump- then the other person sets- and you spike it! Fourth- Walli- If your parents dont mind then just bump or set the ball against the garage or house then you just keep it going- then you say "walli" and the other person keeps your ball going while counting ( If you get to 20 your doing good!) p.s. Try to get at least 5 before saying "walli". Fifth- S.P.I.K.E- Have your partner set the volleyball up high ( Or underhand throw it ) and spike it! switch off everytime. This will not only help with your spike but the other persons set at the same time and vice versa! Sixth- twosies- This is where you have two people and two balls- this drill helps with cordination. You bump or set the ball two times and the first person done wins- or you can play bump or set the ball twice then set over to the other person and if you drop the ball you lose ( Twosies is more of a game than a drill but still helpful! ) Twosies also helps you look at the ball and never lose site of the ball :] good luck i hoped i helped!! :] SOFTBALL- 1. Go to the batting cages a couple of times a week and hit with a family member. This can be a little exspensive but it is worth the practice!!! 2. Practice by rolling the ball against your house and let it roll back down the driveway. Catch the ball in your glove. 3. RUN!! Just get up and run every other morning. I do that for volleyball and you can see a BIG difference in your muscles and performance!! 4. Throw the ball up and catch it in your glove. This way you can keep your eye on the ball and you can also improve your catching and throwing skills. :] 5. Go to a local baseball feild and bring your family or some friends and play a game, or bring a friend or family member and have them pitch to you. You can also trade places so you can practice on your pitching. :] Thats all that I know of, but i hoped i helped you! You could even do both! Just choose one that you would like!! Im sure you'll be great!! :]
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Diann Originally Answered: Who can I get to sponsor my high school softball team?
Go to local businesses that cater to school aged children or athlete themed businesses - pizza places, sporting goods stores, trophy shops, etc and ask them to sponsor. May be better to write a letter and explain what the money will go for. Find out if your league will let you post a sign on the fence at the field or put an ad in your program in exchange for a donation. Ask local restaurants to give a percentage of the sales on a particular night to your team in exchange for bringing in customers. Sometimes small businesses are easier to get donations from because they don't have to get approval from a corporate office somewhere else. In my hometown, orthodontists, dentists, doctors, insurance and real estate agents tend to sponsor sports teams a lot. Go to your town's chamber of commerce to get a list of local businesses. Find out if any of the kids on the team have a relative that owns a business and ask them. You may have to get multiple sponsors to get a donation of that size. You may be able to get a landscaping company to donate some of the work or do it at a reduced price in exchange for being able to post a sign advertising their business at the field.

Careen Careen
Try volleyball. It's easy and had very few plays pretty much just bump,set, and spike! Ask your friends to help you practice for tryouts I'm sure they can teach you some stuff! Softball is good too but has alot more rules to it and you need to be a good thrower, catcher, runner and batter. Ask your friends to help you with softball too. Maybe you can even go out for both if you really practice hard the next few weeks! Ballet would be fun too but it requires alot of hard work but if you're into dancing and challeges that would be good.Oh and don't worry about being good at first because it takes alittle bit of time. The first time I started playing all of my sports(basketball,volleyball,track,softb... it took a little work but in a few weeks I was one of the best players on my team! Good Luck!
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Amie Amie
You could try volleyball or softball. Softball is more of a sport where you stand around most of the time. Volleyball involves much more movement. You should try bumping a volleyball with a friend, and just see if you are able to get it where you want to go. You should try playing catch with someone also, and see if you can throw. Volleyball involves bumping, setting, hitting, blocking, and serving. Softball involves cathing, throwing, ground balls, and batting. You could also try both for a year, see which one you like better, than if you decide to, you could not do one of them the next year. If you want to get really good at it though, I would go to a camp or two over the summer for that sport.
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Washington Washington
I think you should try to do both! I play volleyball and am thinking about playing softball too! Also, I think you should follow what your tells you to do. If your heart tells you to do one or the other or both then you should follow your heart. Which ever one you pick you should see if any friends would like to tryout/join with you! So, you could at least have a few people to practice and talk to about any problems or if you need help! Hope I helped you out! P.S. About not having any experience don't worry about that! Maybe have one of your friends that plays that sport teach you the basics, then learn from there!
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Go to Walmart's mens department and buy t shirts in the packages. From there, I have a few ideas: -Tie dye the shirts. You can buy one or 2 kits and tie dye them. Each kit is normally like 10 dollars. -Buy fabric markers and write on them -Get the iron on paper that goes into your printer, so you can design and write what you want and then iron it on.

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