Does anyone know any good punk bands?

Does anyone know any good punk bands? Topic: Bear flag california
July 17, 2019 / By Guinevere
Question: any good punk rock/ punk pop, emo-core, any punk type bands, garage, underground, well known, whatever. thanks
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Best Answers: Does anyone know any good punk bands?

Diane Diane | 4 days ago
3OH!3 5606 After Midnight Project Agent Orange Alamance Alesana Alkaline Trio AM Taxi American Sixgun Anarbor Andrew W.K. Angry Samoans Anti-Flag April Chase Artist Vs Poet Assorted Jelly Beans Attack Attack Automatic Loveletter Beacher's Madhouse Big D and the Kids Table Brass Tackz Breathe Carolina Breathe Electric Bring Me The Horizon Burning Empires Call The Cops Callback California Chase Long Beach Closure in Moscow Cobra Skulls Columbyne Conditions Confide Crookedhook Deals Gone Bad Deas Vail Death Punch Dickies Dinner And A Suit Dirty Little Rabbits Disco Curtis DIVE Dropkick Murphys Drowning Scarlett Dustin Jones and The Rising Tide Echo Movement Eddie Rap Life Emarosa Emmure Enter Shikari Ever Since Everclear Every Time I Die Eyes Set To Kill Face To Face Fake Problems Far From Finished FEAR Fight Fair Fit For Rivals Flatfoot 56 Four Year Strong FunkyJahPunkys Gardening Not Architecture GBH Go Action Team GOGO13 Green Jelly HaSkaLA Haste The Day Hey Monday His Name Was Iron Hollywood Heartthrob Hope For AM Hot Chelle Rae Hounds and Harlots I Can Make A Mess Like Nobodys Business I See Stars Ice Nine Kills In Fear and Faith Ionia ivy league iwrestledabearonce Jack Grisham and the West Coast Dukes Kaile Goh Kallahan Kelsey And The Chaos Knock-Out Last Call Chernobyl Left Alone Letters Burning Longway Lovers Drugs Manic Hispanic Maxwell Smart Mayday Parade Me Talk Pretty Medium Troy Middle Finger Salute Mike Posner Monkey Motion City Soundtrack Motionless In White Mr Fork In The Eye Natural High Neo Geo NeverShoutNever New Years Day Of Mice and Men Our Last Night OUTERNATIONAL Parkway Drive Passafire Pennywise Pierce The Veil Polar Bear Club Reel Big Fish Riverboat Gamblers Set Phasers To Stun Set Your Goals ShiraGirl Shorelines End SKRILMO Sparks The Rescue Speakeasy Tiger Spider Rockets Spinlight City Street Sweeper Social Club Streetlight Manifesto Suicide Silence Sum 41 Swingin Utters Terrible Things Tess Dunn Testing For Echo The Adolescents The All-American Rejects The B Foundation The Banana Convention The Bots The Bouncing Souls The Cab The Casualties The Chase The Darlings The Dillinger Escape Plan The Downtown Fiction The Early Strike The Fabulous Rudies The Flatliners The Frantic The Goodbye Soundscape The Impalers The Jukebox Romantics The Mighty Regis The Mission District The New Cities The Pretty Reckless The Reverend Peytons Big Damn Band The Rocket Summer The Scary Mondelos The Skank Agents The Snips The Sparring The Summer Set The Swellers The Untouchables The Uptones The Upwelling The Voodoo Glow Skulls The Word Alive The Yellow Team This Time Next Year! Tip The Van Tomorrows Bad Seeds Trial By Combat TUGBOAT vanna VersaEmerge Victory In Numbers Volcanoless In Canada Walk Off The Earth We Are The In Crowd We The Kings Whitechapel You Me At Six
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Diane Originally Answered: Any good Deathcore bands?
Here are some deathcore/ [heavier] metalcore bands you mite like: parkway drive red i flight evergreen terrace born of osiris as blood runs black sea of treachery the acacia strain after the burial the eyes of a traitor miss may i i killed the prom queen this or the apocalypse veil of maya broadcast the nightmare as i lay dying mychildren mybride Burn in Silence bleeding through the devil wears prada the chariot unearth still remains it dies today (their first EP is more deathcore..their new stuff is metalcore) darkest hour war of ages norma jean for today the ghost inside endwell oh, sleeper twelve tribes for the fallen dreams Also, since you like chiodos and dance gavin dance check out: In fear and faith the word alive emery burden of a day of machines the bled underoath a skylit drive drop dead, gorgeous bless the fall alexisonfire (listen to the song - This Could Be Anywhere In The World. its amazing) Attack Attack! pierce the veil agraceful oceana greeley estates

Caramia Caramia
first of all pop punk is not punk, emo is not punk. all of these genres are sub genres of punk. what i have labled punk is just anything with punk in the name of the genre. theres a mix of street punk to celtic punk in there. PUNK: Agent Orange Anti-Flag (their older stuff) The Casualties Cheap Sex The Clash Flogging Molly The Misfits NOFX (ska’ish) Pennywise The Ramones Rancid (ska’ish) Sex Pistols Time Again The Virus The Unseen Bad Religion Black Flag Circle Jerks Evacuate Suicidal tendencies Oi!: The 4-Skins Sham 69 The Oppressed Lower Class Brats Dropkick Murphys The Business Cockney Rejects Cock Sparrer (as in cockney) Oi! polloi SKA: Streetlight manifesto skankin pickle one cool guy catch 22 bandits of the acoustic revolution mustard plug Reel Big Fish Operation Ivy Mighty Mighty Bosstones Big D and the Kids Table Bomb the Music Industry Goldfinger Less Than Jake (pop punk in their later stuff) HARDCORE: Blood for Blood wisdom in chains death before dishonor strength for a reason death threat slumlords Ramallah Terror Hoods the hardcore i posted is real hardcore. as in hardcore punk not this new emo garbage.
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Amice Amice
paramore is my favourite band, BEFORE they got famous, so i'm not into that twilight, the-only-exception stuff. minor threat is good.
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Warwick Warwick
The Stooges The Ramones The Sex Pistols Answer mine please? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=An75H8j81ZNpHc13Ddsd0JLsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100905214049AATeJWe
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Warwick Originally Answered: Can anyone give me some good bands?
Behemoth God Dethroned In Flames Megadeth Carcass Sepultura Mushroomhead Soulfly Ill Niño Manowar Hammerfall Anvil Exodus Dark Angel Firewind Grave Digger Chimaira Cradle of Filth The Haunted Lizzy Borden Judas Priest Iron Maiden Motorhead Motleu Crue Shadowsfall The Sword Children of Bodom Old's Man Child At The Gates Scar Symmetry Abysmal Down Amon Amarth Angra Anthrax Apocalyptica Arch Enemy Arcturus Brujeria Cannibal Corpse Celtic Frost Coal Chamber Converge Daath Dark Tranquility Darkest Hour Deicide Devil Driver Dethklok Dimmu Borgir Disturbed Divine Heresy Dope Eternal Tears of Sorrow God Forbid Hatebreed Immolation In Extremo Kamelot Kreator Lamb of God Madball Meshuggah Morbid Angel Mudwayne Murderdolls My Dying Bride Nightwish Nothing Face Nuclear Assault Otep Overkill Pantera The Red Chord The Red Shore Rose Funeral Satyricon Shattersphere Silent Civilian Sinergy Sirenia Skid Row Slayer Slipknot Soilwork Soul Embraced Spineshank Static X Stem Tesla Therion Through The Eyes of The Dead Transmetal Twisted Sister Venom Vital Remains Wednesday 13 Whitechapel Winds of Plague Windir 100 Demons Annotations of an Autopsy Dying Fetus Decapitated Cattle Decapitation Gorgoroth Kataklysm Mayhem Monstrocity Napalm Death Nile Obituary Sentenced Skinless Suffocation Ulver I gave you all the name of my best bands hope i can help :)

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