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July 17, 2019 / By Guendolen
Question: what is your favorite subject and why? why do you love reading class? i have to write a one page thing for Languge Arts.urg..and on the weekend too!! hi:D ..................
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Diana Diana | 3 days ago
please specify -- are you writing essays? or just answering the questions with simple sentences? or writing paragraph responses? First of all, you need to know what your favorite subject in school is. If you don't know, rule out the classes you hate, because of the actual material being taught, not the people or teacher, then choose one from the ones you can tolerate. For the reading class one, i don't know how to help you there. Why do you love reading class? Do you love reading class at all? If you don't even like reading class, then don't bother making up something that isnt true. Teachers hate that cliche response everybody writes about if they really don't like the class. Instead, be truthful and respond that you don't love the class, truthfully, but you do like ___, ___, ___ , ___ about it, etc. and you think it might be better if ___, ___, ___, ___ etc.
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Ami Ami
My favorite subject is science because it interests me. I do not love reading class. I haven't taken a reading class(unless English counts) in 2 years.
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Warren Warren
My favorite subject was reading. Reading takes you to different places without traveling. It gives you the opportunity to be for a moment another person (I always find someone to be in the book).
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