My 26 year old son won't leave how do I remove him?

My 26 year old son won't leave how do I remove him? Topic: How to write a leaving notice
July 19, 2019 / By Gretta
Question: March 2013 I allowed my son to come stay with me after him and his wife got a divorce. He is still living with me. He does attend HAAC part time but doesn't work. He doesn't pay any bills. He is very disrespectful and I want him to leave. How do I go about getting him to leave and still maintain our mother/son relationship
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Diamond Diamond | 2 days ago
You can't make him leave and retain a relationship you don't have now. He doesn't respect you or have a mother son relationship if he is disrespectful and won't contribute. He is using you for support. Time to simply hand him a written note to be out in 30 days or you go to court and have him evicted. Keep a copy of the note for yourself. In 30 days when he is still there, have the process server come in and hand him the notice to appear in court. If he is still there in two weeks, the judge will tell him to not to come back or he will be arrested for trespassing.
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Amey Amey
Sit down in January and tell him how great it is that a new year has started for him and that last year was a difficult one because of the divorce but now it's 2014 and time for healthy new beginnings and you've been so glad to have been there for him to help him through his troubled times. You say that March 2014 is coming and it will be a year and it's time for him to regain his footing out in the world and that you'll be very happy to go with him to start looking for an apartment. If finances are a problem then help him look for a cute studio apt. and tell him the two of you can hit up all the charity thrift stores and Goodwills every Saturday morning after you go out to breakfast and look for things to furnish his new place. You tell him he'll need to at least get a part-time job to pay his rent and buy furniture etc. You do that for a month and you'll be surprised how much you can find to get re-started! You'll be doing it together and having fun and talking about the future and working toward a move out date. It's all very positive and it gives him a 3-month timeline to start putting things in order and getting prepared for re-joining the world as a single man. You tell him that you don't want to be an enabler allowing him to stay and be a little boy again that it's time to work, have a career and get refocused on his own future. If worst comes to worst you can tell him you want to rent out his room because finances are tight and you need the income so he either needs to pay rent and utilities or you need to find someone who will. Change the locks when he moves out! Good luck!
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Warner Warner
Unfortunately I don't see anyway you are going to get him to leave without him getting a little angry. What you need to do is serve him with an eviction notice. Because he has lived there a year he could be considered a tenant in a court of law. There should be a local marshalls office who will do all that for you if you are uncomfortable with it. After your go to court and get him evicted they will serve him with a notice. After that he will have 72 hours to vacate otherwise he will be trespassing. As far as you and he are concerned it will take a little time. Time heals all wounds they say.
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Rusty Rusty
talk with him about his future plans, like career or whatever see where he sees himself a year from now or whatever, make sure he has goals and he isn't going through depression due to his divorce. You need to establish with him a move out date, and rules for living there. Your house, Your Rules. have him pay a bill or two. In the long run he will thank you, otherwise he will just stick around like a bum
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