A Superman '' DOOMSDAY '' FILM?

A Superman '' DOOMSDAY '' FILM? Topic: Ending words for a conclusion
July 18, 2019 / By Gretchen
Question: i am really shocked a superman movie where he fights doomsday has not been made, supes dies and is then brought back, which makes for great sequels, or they could change the ending and not have him die, will it ever get made??
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Di Di | 10 days ago
I have a lot of information on that. After the comics were done in 95 or so, word spread quickly of a plan to make a movie based on the series. However for unknown reasons (at the time) it went through several casts and scripts and im pretty sure several directors. Turns out the problem was how do you make a movie out of such a big story into a reasonable timed movie. 2-3 movies would have worked but i guess they figured too big to work with. The closest they've come is a cartoon movie 2 or so years ago based loosely on it. I say loosely because it barely covers anything once he's dead. It goes nothing into the 4 supermen, just a return of him at the end. I would give anything for them to do a movie even if it did this: Part 1: The battles between Doomsday and the various super humans who try to take him on and eventually the fight with Superman and ending with his death. The conclusion which was to be the biggest casting call in Hollywood history originally, would need to be his funeral. Part 2: time has passed when suddendly 4 beings appear claiming to be superman reborn or rebuilt. this should mostly cover only the early days of the world geting to know them. Part 3 (if 2 cant cover it all): should cover the Cyborg being fought by the others, and the sudden appearance towards the end of the brought back to life, black suited Superman. By the way, due to his great looks in Con Air, Nicholas Cage with the same hair do and all, was the original pick for Superman.
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Candyce Candyce
Nah too many superhero video clips out, and film superman is often a pathetic loser, who's extremely stressful to root for. I say keep it lively so Superman would not would desire to be a new child like the action picture variations.
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Amelie Amelie
all this talk about DOOMSDAY is so over rated ,let,s look at it this way ,it will happen so fast we will not have time to think .
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Walton Walton
Stephen Spielberg was interested, but there has been no confirmation yet. But it would be really awesome if there was.
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