How do i get him to notice me?

How do i get him to notice me? Topic: How to write a halloween spell
July 19, 2019 / By Greta
Question: ok, some im going to write as descriptive as possible. please dont answer with a couple words.. I moved to a different province so i didnt go to the youth i used to. but now im back and at the youth again. most of the friends i had there were still there so it was easy for me to be my self. but there is this one new guy who is my age and is really cute. youth is every friday and wednesday so i get to see him 2 times a week. wen i showed up on my first day back all my friends were happy to see me again and made jokes. this guy looked at me as tho he was checking me out. i started to get interested after a couple of times i saw him. my friend invited him over to her house on halloween because she new i was starting to have a crush on him. to ad everytime i tried to talk to him she would butt in or sit next to him so i couldnt. through the whole night i was barely able to talk to him, but through those couple of times i made a little progress. last night at youth we sat beside each other and talked alittle. I was wondering if anyone has any good advice on how i could get his attention with out being creepy, stalker~ish, or clingy. **** he does not have a cell phone. and i dont know about facebook. i dont want to talk to him on facebook because im just to shy. please give really good answer in progress stages ~ thank you so much for u smart ***'s who commented *first 3* im only 14.. im not a slut lol. and sandwich!!! spell it right
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Deziree Deziree | 9 days ago
Um to get him to notice you, you could light your head on fire. I find that this gets most people's attention fairly quickly.
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Deziree Originally Answered: No notice or a very vague notice and multiple entries into a rental apartment.?
I suggest that you remind the landlord of the law that requires them to give you 24 hour notice, often they simply forget. And the next time you get the knock on the door with a demand for entry don't let him in. Politely ask him why he needs to inspect and if it it is an invalid reason, politely tell him it is a bad time but that you would be happy to let him with proper notice. You also might want to check your lease to see if there is a clause on this subject, sometimes landlords slip one in to allow for monthly inspections and if you signed the lease, you agreed to the visits. Worst case scenario, you could sue your landlord for breach of contract, but then you would need to prove the unauthorized visits were actually taking place to a judge and request the judge void the lease without penalty. Good Luck!
Deziree Originally Answered: No notice or a very vague notice and multiple entries into a rental apartment.?
You are right to demand some more reasonable notice for entry. However they don't have to have a reason. They can simply be inspecting the condition of the place. Maybe they are untrusting and think all of their tenants wreck their units. It sucks but yeah that's what it is. Best bet is to move. Loser landlords will always be losers. Tough to beat them.

Candy Candy
Give some guy from around some good head and let him nut in ur face. Give a couple weeks for word to get around. And I guarantee that he'd be fighting tooth and nail for even a moment of ur time.
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Candy Originally Answered: How to get a guy to notice me?
guys are stupid, if you like them, they never notice you, but if you stop liking them and move on to someone else, they start to like you!!! i guess just try to casually start a conversation, like asking for a pencil or something, and if you guys are at the conversation level (meaning talking about homework and stuffs like that), next time when you talk with your friends, try to pull him into the conversation (if it was something that he knows, of course)... don't be too casual, but don't be to forward either, just treat him a little different, but you definitely don't wanna freak him out (trust me, been there, done that)... let him be comfortable around you enough that he would start talking to you in a friendly, more personally way, that's when you turn on your charm!!! try to be a bit more flirty, and see his reaction, if he liked it, then work your way into his life!! if he doesn't like it, you can always joke and say, i was just kidding!! then wait a bit more and treat him more special (in a subtle way!), and see if he comes around!! dress a bit nicer, wear perfume around him!!! remember, be subtle, but charming!!
Candy Originally Answered: How to get a guy to notice me?
If you can, try to partner up with him in a team assignment. If you do get the chance to do that, don't make him be in a group of you and your friends, he won't respond at all. The same goes for him, don't buddy up with a group of his friends, even if he is included. He will just talk to his friends, not you. Pick random people that you kinda know, and he kinda knows. Also, try to get some concentration into your assignment, don't put it all on him. ;) Good luck.

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