I wrote a scary poem for school, it counts as a test grade-u grade me first?

I wrote a scary poem for school, it counts as a test grade-u grade me first? Topic: How to write a good poem for school
July 19, 2019 / By Gracie
Question: it's a scary poem i wrote. it's due on tuesday, it counts as a test grade, it's really major, plz, u grade me first and tell me how it is: Where is that man, that was twisted and killed every child? His features had no face, phantom like, I think his name was Kyle. He mostly stayed at the extreme of life’s darkened stage. His silver knife would slaughter everyone with his demonic rage. And he blamed himself and others for his horrible disfigurement. Anyone that helped him he would stab and impose with his frantic relent. Bloody fingers would graze on the wall, The shrills and shrieks voicing through the halls. He’ll sneak behind you and make you creep. He’ll inflict upon you the eternal sleep. His butcher knife, blood drips through his fingers. Behind the shadows he will forever linger. Wash his emotionless face with the tragedy and tears of the human race. Searching for murderous intentions, he has all the time and space. He sighs with the power and energy that was divine and very pure. He uses it to finish the lives of the people who were weak and demure. He drove in his car like a lion hunting to kill. He would kill the righteous even against his satanic matter, he will. He’s like a voodoo doll, animated with strange evil motions full of life. He’s eliminating off the goodness like an annoying spider, but in this case, it doesn’t bite. Just like a magical corpse, resurrected to walk on Earth. Vampiring off the life of the mercy, what a satanic jerk. So lock all your doors, stack sandbags in a pile, Because he’s willing to do Satan’s work--it’s Kyle!
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Devon Devon | 8 days ago
Very good, i'd say.... A A A!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes A+ will do me. I do love horror and i do love horror stories. This one did it for me with no doubt.
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Devon Originally Answered: What do you think of this poem i wrote for my grade 12 poetry class?
It's not bad. I'd consider using conventional punctuation and syntax; the "all-lower case no commas no periods because my art transcends your normalcy" thing is really overdone. But there's a lot of good stuff here; the pretty pink ribbons is a nice contrast to the dark beginnings, and the parallel red lines, being understated like that, also are a great image. I do think that "parallel" doesn't really flow well in the meter of the lines. It does make a good visual image, but it throws the meter off. Consider "lonely" or "marching" - something that has two syllables. Or "crooked". Hand to halfway is great. The last verse is great. Excellent start =) PS - Yes, I know what it's about.

Candis Candis
I think you change from the past tense to the present tense too much. Pick one and change the verbs too match. graze on the wall sounds like sheep. Just graze the wall. Behind the shadows he forever lingers goes a little better. A lion hunting to kill? Hunting it's kill. eliminating off the goodness. Off doesn't belong. same with Vampiring off. -- needs a little more work - was it supposed to be scary? The teachers might think you have issues....thats the way they are
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Ambrosia Ambrosia
i write a lot of poetry, and this is really good. A+. just a sample of what i've done: Drug-Filled Love It was Friday night. Party. No parents. Only us. And the grade. It was the party Of the month. Year. Week. Century. So of course we were going. In the car You said if I don’t want to drink Hold my cup. We went in. There was much to do. My grip wasn’t that tight. I had a few. And that little white rock. And that metallic pipe. Ride of my life. I did some things I didn’t want to do. We went really far. The sheets. Covers. Blankets. Pillows. You. Me. Us. Drug-filled love. It was time to go. So we took one more hit. Plug one nostril. Breathe in through the other. In the car “Wanna see how fast I can go?” Yes. Thrill. Adrenaline. Go. Rush. Pulse. A hand on my thigh. Your foot on the pedal. Us. The tree. The ditch. The windshield. Glass. Metal. Red stains. Us. Dead. Gone. Red flashing lights. Sirens. Us. Gone. Drug-filled love. anw yeh i like it.
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Walt Walt
5 out of 10, barely passing. It has a lot of feeling but It needs lots of work. You reach for some unlikely words to get a rhyme; maybe you should write it is "free verse" which is without rhyme(see Pinocchio's Drug filled Love, above) Sorry to be so tough,because I can tell you put a lot of effort into it, But poetry is more than just having a rhyme at the end of every line.
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Rudyard Rudyard
What incredibly worked for me develop into Q-enjoying cards. each time you have like a evaluation, or something that feels like could be a try question, write the question on one element, and the respond on the different element. combination it up so which you do not undergo in techniques the order, and you will memorize the solutions. have been given my marks from 60-70% to eighty 5%-ninety six%. I additionally wrote all my homework, assessments and whilst issues have been due in my schedule. ?ƒ???l??
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Morty Morty
Poor Kyle. Who knows what he must have done to incur your wrath. What grade are you in? It's important to know this because it determines what level your writing should currently be.
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Kelley Kelley
great job.. but you kinda ruin the whole thing by giving him a name... take out the name kyle and youre good!
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No, it doesn't fall under No Child Left Behind because NCLB only covers public schools. Your son was in a private school when his needs weren't addressed. I wish I could post your question all over the place because it is an example of just how messed up everything is. The public schools are being blamed for EVERYTHING. People always talk about how much better the private schools are, but all the actual research shows just the opposite. Sadly, many more horror stories like yours need to come out before people see the light. It sounds like you now have him in a good and supportive place that will fulfill his needs. Work with the teachers and staff and hopefully your child will get all the help he needs. And please do all of us public school teachers a big favor and get your story out there. People need to know the truth- Just because a school is private, doesn't make it better!

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