What is the worst experience you have had with a bank?

What is the worst experience you have had with a bank? Topic: I-case software
July 19, 2019 / By Goldie
Question: What happened? What bank was it? What was the outcome? Share your experiences. Thanks in advance. In my case, I cancelled my internet service. I uninstalled all the software related to the internet service provider (even the one needed to connect to the internet) to make sure I wouldn't accidentally reconnect and reactivate the service I had just cancelled. A few months later, I realized that the internet service provider was still taking money from my account. I called again to cancel again, but they continued taking money from my account every month. So I decided to call my bank (Bank of America) and ask them to stop the internet service provider from taking money from my account. The bank representative was very nice and polite, but told me that he couldn't help me. He said that I needed to go to the bank in person and talk to a representative in person. I did. When I told the representative the whole story, she told me that it was probably my fault; that I probably reconnected to the internet and thus, reactivated my internet service. I told her the reason why it was not possi
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Deven Deven | 6 days ago
Went into my bank about 30 years ago, to close my checking account as we were moving. Knew everyone there as I had banked there for years and worked nearby. Was told by manager to not write checks for maybe 10 days, and when my statement arrives come in asap with it. Got statement in mail one day, and the next morning(12 hours later), came back to bank, wrote my last check out for the balance as I knew it was correct. Manager told me I had to pay the $.50 monthly fee, and had to change the check. Asked why I had to pay anything as I just got my statement, and came in the very next morning. She said it was the bank policy. I wrote it out less the $.50, went to the window inquiring what I need to do to close my savings account. Lady gave me a form so my wife could sign it. Brought it into the bank the next day, and closed my savings account, which I did not intend to do. Stopped by the managers station to ask her a question. She said hello. I asked her if she knew that she would lose a lot of money do to a very small amount, would she take the chance? She said "no". I told her that is a contradiction then, and said that because of the $.50 rule, on general principle, I just closed my savings and withdrew $25000. All because of a whopping $.50. I never returned there again.
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Deven Originally Answered: What is your worst experience with AT&T?
LOL. I can answer this one easily. I had AT&T cell service once, but when I moved to a new location (only about ten miles from where I was), it no longer worked; calls were being dropped, or, worse, not even coming through in the first place. (I think that I lost a special lady because of it, too, but that's another story.) Anyway, that happens with many carriers, but my worst experience with them was when I tried to call and cancel my service. They ask for an explanation, so I gave the one I just did, and ended it with saying that I could no longer use my cell phone at my house, so I was cancelling. The answer - in a VERY condescending tone of voice - was: "Well, cell phones are not supposed to be used in the house anyway. They're for when you are OUT of the house." To compound this situation, although they DID shut off the phone immediately, AT&T still tried to bill me for it for three months after that. Then, when I did not pay, of course, and wrote them numerous letters as to WHY I did not pay, they turned my account over to a collection agency, and my credit took a hit for years afterwards. It's finally been cleared, but the experience - especially the point blank "You're not supposed to use your cell phone in your house anyway." - I will remember always; although THAT was somewhat humerous, the overall experience was not nice.

Candice Candice
All of my worst experiences were when I worked at a bank. You probably wouldn't even believe most of my horror stories - the drunks, the crooks, the robbers, the completely clueless, and the generally angry and abusive people. No, I'm not talking about my co-workers, I'm talking about the customers. So many stupid people...so little time to laugh at all their stupid antics. Never had a bad experience as a customer of a bank.
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Amaryllis Amaryllis
They held a check for 10 days after it cleared. It was a transfer. The check cleared my regular bank and this credit union in their infinite wisdom put a 10 day hold on my money. Total transaction took 12 days...
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Wallis Wallis
a bank employee charged up $643 worth of checks to my account and i dint even have any personal checks, it was first convenience/first national outcome was i got a police report cancelled my account but they are still trying to collect the money because they sent it to collections.
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Rudolph Rudolph
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