Justin Bieber or Nirvana?

Justin Bieber or Nirvana? Topic: If i have million dollars essay
July 19, 2019 / By Glenys
Question: I'm BAAAACK. And this time, I'm not so serious. I'm not even gonna add details this time; someone said they didn't LIKE reading my essays. So I'm just gonna say straight-up that Justin Bieber pummels Kurt Go Bang and NirGoner for so many obvious reasons... Like, his singing, his guitar playing, his HAIR, his EYES, and the fact that Kurt was some ugly old dude that hardly had his own chance. Your thoughts? Rebekah Phillips - I respect your bravery, I really do.
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Despina Despina | 2 days ago
At least Nirvana made an impact that went beyond selling millions of dollars worth of mrechandise,records,concert and movie tickets! Now if Bieber is as good as you claim he is then why wasn't he voted among the 100 greatest artists of all time by hisusical peers like Nirvana was(#13)? Gee could it be that his peers think he sucks? Just a thought!
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Despina Originally Answered: Why is Justin Bieber so gay?
Justin Bieber is a young man who is incredibly talented and has an amazing voice.  I love his voice  now and  before!  Justin is NOT gay!  The following is some of the hatred that has been directed toward Justin......Some people say he sound's like a girl, look's like one etc, he  doesn't.  The people who talk about him and hate him are jealous and it's like there trying to win a popularity contest.  They envy him!  Why? Because Justin has something they may never have.  Who wouldn't want the life and fame he has? As for Justin and Selena, they are very much in love!  They are an amazingly sweet and and romantic couple!  Like it or not, it's the truth!  Here's a little something I thought I would share this with you.  Justin Bieber is well-known for his sense of humor. He once posted a message on Twitter telling his fans exactly how he feels about haters who try to diss him by making jokes about his sexual orientation. He thinks they're funny!  As do I! Ever since he appeared on the world stage, people have speculated about the true nature of Justin's sexual orientation. First there were the jokes that he looked--and sang--like a girl. Then there were the lesbian jokes, There was actually a website devoted to "lesbians who look like Justin Bieber." And hateful messages appeared on many media sites describing JB and his girlfriend Selena Gomez as "2 young lesbians in love."  K.D. Laing jokingly called Justin a "cute lesbian" whom she found very attractive. And of course there were the plethora of online posts and rumors that Justin's much publicized PDA-laden relationship with Selena Gomez is a fake romance scripted not just for publicity but also to conceal his true sexual orientation. Yikes!  That's a lot of speculation.  So how does Justin Bieber deal with all the mean-spirited--not to mention homophobic--attention directed his way? He laughs at it.  "Haters call me gay!" Justin wrote. "It's funny because their girlfriends want me more than them."  That's no doubt true. Which is also probably why they do it. Kudos to the Biebs for maintaining his sense of humor and understanding in the midst of controversy. As for the haters, perhaps they should concentrate on getting lives. But that's probably impossible--which is why they're haters.  If you don't like him then don't. Talk about him all you want!  It doesn't hurt him and you know what he has million'$ of reason's why he could care less about what hater's think about him!  In just 14 month's his fan base on Twitter not including every where else has gone from 12 million to currently over 28 million!  People  also talk about how obsessed his fan's are well hating him is just as much as an obsession as loving him! I know you won't choose my answer as best cause you're a hater and that's okay, I answer these question's for informational purposes, not to be chosen as best, and for those people who don't really have a clue about Justin but just talk about him any way cause they obviously have nothing else better to do here's a suggestion...Many people have something called a life and I love mine!  All you hater's should see about getting one.  Seriously.
Despina Originally Answered: Why is Justin Bieber so gay?
No, Justin Bieber is not homosexual. And I do not feel he stated it on Oprah... He loves ladies, he even stated it himself. He is NOT homosexual. Some persons simply say that as an insult to him, he does not sound homosexual.. .you cannot sound homosexual... He goes by way of puberty And he's very gifted.
Despina Originally Answered: Why is Justin Bieber so gay?
well i don't like Justin but there is no evidence that he is gay. only the people that are stereotypes say that or people that want to fit in that don't want to get picked because of what they think of or most people call them (haters).

Cammie Cammie
Justin Biebers voice is typical preteen pop star. No originality, no intellect, no substance. just whiny lyrics about immature girls which gets old and annoying fast. Well I guess he's slightly unique in that he looks like a lesbian and sings like one too. Also, um.. when does Justin Beiber play guitar? He doesn't, troll.
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Cammie Originally Answered: Why do you obsess over Justin Bieber?
I don't really care about Justin Bieber - but I don't care that people are obsessing over him either. I think whenever people obsess over celebrities, the thing they are REALLY obsessing over is the fame industry- they want to be famous! they want fame, and when they see it (Justin Bieber) they want it! Thats what separates Justine Bieber the celebrity - from Justin Bieber when he wasn't famous and no one cared about him. Justine Bieber the celebrity is famous. (oh and by the way: you will not get any sort of answer you are looking for because SO many people either HATE, LOVE or has no idea who he is)

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