Is it strange that my heart goes out to Adam Lanza?

Is it strange that my heart goes out to Adam Lanza? Topic: Hit and run case section
July 19, 2019 / By Glenda
Question: He took out a lot of little angels but at least we know the kids will be in a better place. Adam on the other hand was a victim all the time. I see it over and over again. Bullies picking on the weaker kids. Many become suppress and become introverted. Teen bullying is almost an epidmic fueled by the internet. Just in the Political section alone we see people cutting other down based on race and other perceived weekness.
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Dervla Dervla | 9 days ago
Yes, people are victimized and bullied. I do understand your sympathy. But that is never an excuse. I have been through a lot more than most in my life with one trauma after another starting with struggling to live during and after birth. The doctors said my mom could not even have any more after several miscarriages. Being run over by a car at age 4 and swallowing my tongue to where a nurse who took a rout to work he had never taken before had to pull it out so I could breath. For years my hair fell out from my nervous system being destroyed. In part because of this I was called names, then later because they found out I was a Christian. This happened everyday at school from kindergarten through all of high school until we moved my last year. I was beaten up or hit a minimum of once a week. Pushed down, spit on and more. I kept to my self-who wouldn’t under those conditions. I had teachers call me names and humiliate me for having a bad case of ADHD, and for being a Christian, mocking me and even hitting me for my beliefs. After my ex-wife left me because she said our two boys loved me more than they did her and she could not have that my world fell apart. My boys and I were extremely close and they were very good and obedient at that point in their life. It came to a point where I had no one because the “Christians” that have no clue about God or godliness blamed me and women would date me because I was divorced. I remember the point of torment that I was on the edge of loosing it; the very point I could have let go and given into being clinically insane. There is a point, a crossroad where one can be like Adam or say no…I must do what is right no matter what. I must not so what is easy. No matter what I must do the right thing and choose to FORGIVE. It is a powerful thing—forgiveness, but it started with one thing. Choose...it was all my decision on which way my life went. I was hated by my own Church group for knowing more about the Bible than them and questioning things they said because I shared scripture that showed their view wrong. Let’s not even go into my adult life which could be a miniseries on Lifetime. My brother said other than my faith in God he does not know how I have made it thorough life. He told me, “I have 8 close friends that have not been through even half of what you have been through and they all committed suicide. The difference to me is not religion but a personal relationship with God. It is not easy in this world as a bi, Christian, republican. But as cruel and intolerant as we all can be there is never an excuse, just a reason. Life is a process and everyday we must die to our own rights and consider others above our own. Only then and only when we forgive can live in peace. For peace is not a circumstance, it is how we deal with the life in the circumstance. BTW: I have never taken street drugs of any kind and will not take narcotics for my chronic back pain-injured at work. I have never taken anything for my ADHD either.
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Dervla Originally Answered: If Adam Lanza had driven a car down a crowded sidewalk and killed 24 people,?
Nope. We'd be waiting for the next idiot with a semi-automatic weapon to kill a bunch of kids in a school to raise public awareness of the need to get these advanced killing machines and the idiots who have access to them off the streets as best we can.
Dervla Originally Answered: If Adam Lanza had driven a car down a crowded sidewalk and killed 24 people,?
Actually yes we would. There's a woman suing to force car manufacturers to put in back up camera's in every new car because she backed over her child. It has the support of many congressman and legislation has been pushed to move car manufacturers in that direction. Additionally, we keep adding new laws to the books regarding car safety, drinking and driving, and even emissions. So in your mind we should treat guns like cars? You need to get licensed to operate one, be tested to show that you know how to operate it safely, take physical exams to show that you're capable of operating it, register it, get insurance to cover any damages sustained to yourself or others while in use of it. You also need to bring it in to be inspected once a year. While operating a car, a cop can pull you over for dozens of reasons, set up road blocks to test you, you can be imprisoned for operating one improperly. If you lend it to a friend, you're liable for the damages he/she caused. If you lend it to someone who's not allowed to drive, you can be charged. You can't drive legally until you're 15 or 16 in some states, can't get a license until you've had a training permit for a limited time. We regulate cars more often than we do guns, so if you're trying to spin the gun argument into an argument against cars, you're only fighting against yourself.
Dervla Originally Answered: If Adam Lanza had driven a car down a crowded sidewalk and killed 24 people,?
I just heard a story about how producers of hybrid vehicles are going to have to make their vehicles louder so that bicyclists can hear them coming. This is a good thing, we should apply safety standards into everything we do.

Cameron Cameron
No, I don't believe it is strange. He was obviously suffering from disabilities, and the consequences of others behaviour towards him. Feel sorry for him and those children that he did not get the protection and assistance he would have required to function appropriately in society. It is a terrible tragedy; very sad that this has occurred. Unfortunately there will be narrow minded people out there that will seek to bully others with disabilities even more than they do already. What a shame more people cannot be more caring and understanding of others predicaments.
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Cameron Originally Answered: Adam lanza used a.223 bushmaster semi-automatic rifle.these guns need banned before more mass murders?
I agree with you. I am from France, we have a very tight gun control and only got one school massacre in our history (3 kids and 1 adult, it was a hate crime). And it's not because we have fewer criminals or fewer psychos than you do, it's because it's almost impossible to get weapons of that level. Your problem is that pro-guns believe in fighting fire with fire, when what you need is to cool things down. Why is it that when there is this type of shooting sprees happening, it's mainly in the US? The guys who go on rampages like that are usually not hardened criminals. However they are unbalanced people who can legally access ASSAULT and MILITARY weapons. Why on earth would a civilian need a gun that can slaughter dozens of people in a few minutes? How many stories do you hear of people (especially kids) killed in their own house due to accidental discharges of firearms and people killed in shooting sprees vs people who actually protected themselves because they had a gun? Owning a gun doesn’t necessary give you the nerves or the ability to shoot someone in self-defense. It’s however inviting death into your house and neighborhood. The Second Amendment was drawn at a time of war where it did make sense to have guns to protect yourself and fight. Life was completely different back then and so were the type of weapons that people had access to. Your Founding Fathers could hardly have foreseen the destruction power of modern guns. Once again, these are guns fit for the military field, not for the everyday life. But still they can be purchased by untrained and not psychologically evaluated people. As long as pro-guns’ mentality will not change, you will see more and more lives destroyed by it. It’s not like we don’t have a history of criminality and violence in Europe. Some of the biggest organized crimes and terrorist groups come from there (Mafia, IRA, etc.). We had 2 recent World Wars for crying out loud. At any rate, we should be entitled to be paranoiac and want guns for own protections, which is not the case in our majority. The tragedies that seem to be so common in the US are the exceptions in Europe because people cannot walk into a gun shop and get guns that could enable them to kill 30 people within half an hour. I am sadly 100% sure that this is not the last shooting spree we will hear of in the US. The question is, where is it going to be next?
Cameron Originally Answered: Adam lanza used a.223 bushmaster semi-automatic rifle.these guns need banned before more mass murders?
The military uses the fully automatic version (or did until they replaced the M-16 in some branches), not the semi-automatic version (the AR-15). It's important not to fall into the trap of believing that banning guns (even just the AR-15) would have prevented what happened yesterday from happening. There were already a stack of laws and regulations that Adam violated in doing what he did. Adding more laws for him to have broken wouldn't have changed anything. If you are serious about wanting to know how to help prevent these from happening, do some investigations. Ask yourself why the Aurora CO shooter had several other theaters premiering the new Batman movie that were a whole lot closer to where he lived yet he chose the one farther away that just happened to the be only one in town that had the 'no guns allowed' sign prominently displayed. Ask yourself why shooters seem to be targeting schools (the answer would be very similar to the previous answer). Then ask yourself why we don't hear much about these shootings happening at gun stores or shooting ranges, despite the ease of getting getting to these locations without raising suspicions. edit: I have looked and haven't found any reports saying the AR-15 was used to shoot the children. The only thing I've seen are the reports that one was found at the scene (i.e. in the car). If you're relying on the doctor's quotes, that would be unreliable as the doctor wouldn't be the one to make that sort of determination. All the doctors would do is extract the bullets. The ballistics department would have to determine what type of bullet it was and what gun it was shot from. Maybe if you could provide a link to the report, it would quash whatever debate there was. What people say on live news, especially in cases like this, are often heat of the moment type quotes. Remember Sheriff Dipstick in Tucson who came out right away blaming the Tea Party's rhetoric for the shooting there, and the shooter turned out to be some crazed leftist with no association to the Tea Party.

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