Do You Think I Am Taking To Much Classes?

Do You Think I Am Taking To Much Classes? Topic: Is homework stressful
July 19, 2019 / By Ginnie
Question: I am taking for next semester for Spring 2012 Classes,@ a Community College. I am full time, ive taken 4 classes but not four. I want you opinion on my classes. I think I may drop my math because I keep hearing bad. negative reviews on this professor. But still not sure. So yeah.. please opinions. No rude comments. You think I should Drop or am I find like this. POINTS!! Please. Thanks. Math 110 Child Development 001 Business 01 English 26 Dance Class.
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Denise Denise | 5 days ago
That seems fine. I took 7-8 classes a semester and burnt myself out quickly, dropping some and doing poorly in others. As long as your schedule is somewhere between 12 and 15 hours, it should be doable without being stressful, but over that and you are pushing your limit IMO. Plus, you seem to be taking some entry level courses, which shouldn't be very stressful to begin with. Stick with this short list of classes and you will do fine, providing you do your homework of course. Good luck!
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bypass on your counselor and spot in the journey that your college promises a working initiate application, which in fact helps you to're taking some college courses alongside with severe college and count quantity for the two. i'm uncertain in case you will possibly have the means to homeschool as you do it however.

Callie Callie
It is so easy to forget math if you skip even a semester, so don't drop it! You need to keep English, since you have a lot of classes before Freshman English. Are you going into Child Development? Then you want that. If not, drop it. Same for business. Dance if the fun thing for you! If like community colleges I am familiar with you are signed up for 13 units, which isn't a lot. 12-15 is full time.
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Alysha Alysha
well i think you will do just fine with those classes. i have finished high school 15 years old in florida and now have a bachelor in science, and i took 5 to 6 -7 classes depending on the semester ...I believe that if math is a difficult subject for you , you should take math 110 last , in a semester where you will not have dance and business. 3 classes is enough if you include math. And if your ready to study all semester with no fun than yes those classes are not too many but if you do have a life, than take math last in a semester with just 2 other courses.
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Vick Vick
Definitely don't drop the English class! You need work on your English skills. However, 5 classes is usually not too many, it depends on the demands of the classes.
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That depends on you. Four classes are the minimum for a full-time student. Many students take 5 or even 6 per semester. Your goal needs to be to do well in the class and master the content to prepare yourself for more advanced classes. To that end, only you can determine if you have the self-discipline and academic ability to handle these specific classes.

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