Why do I even have HOPE that people won't judge me on here?

Why do I even have HOPE that people won't judge me on here? Topic: The sisters short story questions and answers
May 25, 2019 / By Gina
Question: -Recently I asked a question (to make a long story short) about how I could get my own room, (3 people and only 2 rooms) and without even thinking, people that don't even know me assumed that I'm selfish, rebellious, ungrateful, pompous, and ignorant, and that I live a "lavish", gorgeous lifestyle. -However, my question was simple, and only required a simple suggestion. If you wanna read it, it's the below link. I don't expect you to answer it because it's already closed. x) http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;... *******ANYWAY: Overall question: Have you been unjustly stereotyped over a question on Y!A? @lady who wants to raise her kids to be the opposite of me (Stiletto <3): Have fun with that. Really, I hope she grows up in a loving, happy, clean, and perpetually enjoyable environment. I'm sorry, but you are exactly the kind of person I was talking about. Good example. also, note* I admitted that the wording was bad and sounded selfish....so answer the real question here. ****Thanks for the good answers/answerers on here. You guys and your answers rock. =) sorry stiletto...that was kinda harsh, and it made me seem mean...i just can't win on here. lol.
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Best Answers: Why do I even have HOPE that people won't judge me on here?

Deniece Deniece | 3 days ago
IM not judging you. have you thought about several things? how about getting a divider and making two rooms out of the large one? or maybe you share with mom and that does not sound good to me. I think mom should have her own room however, it is only my opinion... I do not know what to tell you dear one except soon you will be off to college and maybe have your own room or will have to share with a friend? same situation you are in now. Yes I think at one time or another we all get stereotyped on here. do not worry about it as it is polls and surveys. ask this in family and see what answers you may get *maybe* better ones than here. I hope it all works out. ps. does your 11yr old sister and mom wanna share a room together? you all need to sit down and talk not yelling but listening to reason. Thanks and Star
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Deniece Originally Answered: What do people really mean when they try to say "I don't judge him/her for that"?
What do people really mean when they try to say "I don't judge him/her for that"? They mean that they don't hold whatever 'that' happens to be against the person, that they don't think less or more of the person for it. They mean that they recognize that they could draw a conclusion about the person based on 'that', and maybe many do, but they themselves do not. What does the act of "judging" specifically mean in these cases? It means 'forming a critical opinion'. By 'not judging', they are refusing to draw any inference about the person based on whatever 'that' was. Does it mean trying to classify someone as good or bad? It is sometimes construed as 'bad', but it actually means they aren't including 'that' in any judgment about the person, good or bad, usually because nobody can really know the whole story or to cast any judgement either way would be placing a themselves somehow above the fray. In order to pass judgment on anyone as being either good or bad, one must feel the druthers of authority, and without having been bestowed that mantel somehow from another, then casting judgment reflects a certain self-righteousness. Moreover, in the New Testament, Jesus Christ said, "Judge not lest ye be judged," and, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Whereas it is no longer depeche mode to be Christian anymore, there remains from Christianity an ideal ingrained in English-speaking cultures that to judge another is an evil act in and of itself. So saying they don't judge a person for 'that' can be a way people remove themselves from intimations of judgment that might be derived from the context that arrived them to say so as well as a way to shut down a conversation that has made them feel unseemly or, at the very least, indiscreet. Is it more like comparing someone to yourself? No. Does it mean you are trying to get insight as to who the person really is? No. Or does it just mean retaining memories of something negative they have done? No.

Calla Calla
Everybody gets picked on over the internet. People here don't know you, don't know what you're going through, don't know your situation, etc. I wouldn't take it seriously. I mean, sure, you came across selfish, but does that mean you are? Absolutely not. People aren't humane on here. It's easy to be mean on here. A lot of people type what they wouldn't have the guts to say. Anyway, yes, I have been stereotyped (especially in the Religion and Spirituality section). And here's my suggestion to you: Buy a room separator. It's inexpensive, and you can have your privacy (of course, your sister will still be able to hear you, but there's more privacy). Good luck! I really hope this works out for you!
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Alysa Alysa
People are only judging you by the information they were given. I did read your question and all I can sAy is wow. I have a daughter and I hope I raise her to be mote grateful than you are! Just the fact that you would ask your mother who pays the rent to share a room just because you feel you are entitled to your own space shows that you have no clue as to how blessed you really are! Sorry If I hurt your feelings but TRUTH HURTS! You think your mom Is unfair ? Wait till you get A boss! Your boss wont care What you feel entitled to ! You won't get your own office until you prove yourself :) Sorry babe but the real world is unfair and it bites so get ready since your growing up so fast :)
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Vester Vester
Be grateful... After my mother left my dad started to become a chronic hoarder. In my "ex-room" he has 4 tvs stacked in there, a lawn mower, and a million other things he will never open or use. I actually have to sleep on the COUCH with a plastic container for my smaller things and I have to put my clothes in the linen closet because I have no where else to put it and because I had no where to put my computer my dad sold it and bought a laptop just so he could have more space for his sh*t. If you have a bed, and a closet (even if you share it) count yourself lucky. Maybe this is why people think you are selfish?
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Roscoe Roscoe
Y E S it has happened to me too .... I was so confused ...I posted a question about the incident as well (was making sure i did nothing wrong) However I've come to believe that NO matter where YOU are there's ALWAYS some hurt ppl out in this world AND they are always looking to HURT other ppl I say brush that dirt of your shoulder & just brace yourself for the next time it happens. Cause it will.
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Roscoe Originally Answered: Why do people judge you by your name?
I agree with wildflower12. It is unfortunate that some parents doom their children with ignorant-sounding names. A female I used to work with had spoke of a relative in her family that had named her triplets, "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow". Now really, who would ever take those kids seriously? My husband knew of a family of kids at the school he worked at had names like "Seven" (because she was the seventh child in the family), Oklahoma (because that is where the family lived at the time of the child's birth) and Rock (named after the family dog). It's sad, but my suggestion to these kids is that when they turn 18 to legally change their names and don't tell their family about it. That way they can preserve some dignity on college applications and a job interview. Or, they can go by initials. Like if their name was Rock Johnny Smith, they can go by RJ.

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