How come China won so many olympic medals in 2008 but this year so little & losing to US?

How come China won so many olympic medals in 2008 but this year so little & losing to US? Topic: Medal case sports
July 21, 2019 / By Gillian
Question: Kinda curious how come China had 51 gold medals in 2008 but this year around 30 and losing to US. I know that US always has a lead for the past 10 years in the olympics with the exception of 2008 where China won with so much more gold medals. Is anybody able to explain this? And could it be that this year US did so well coz of Michael Phelps? -could it be that coz in 2000 china got third and so they were motivated to work harder til 2008 but when they got 50+ medals they got complacent in 2008, so their performance was like that this year?
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Denice Denice | 2 days ago
1ST REASON Americans have 530 Olympic participants China have 398 Olympic participants China strength = Judo, Gymnastic, Table tennis, Weightlifting, Diving, Swimming, Sailing, Taekwondo, Sailing, shooting, Badminton, Archery, Rowing. It's weakness is field and Tracks, although there is an few Chinese silver and bronze medal winner, they can't reach gold America's strength = Swimming, Track and field ect basically almost every sport. Americans have atheletes from every country and origins, this is properbly what makes them surpass China. Chinese only rely on Chinese. 2ND REASON American cheating in the Olympics. China won in Beijing 2008, China beat U.S with 15 more gold medal, while American had 10 more overall medal (mostly bronze) than China, the official ICO rank is Gold medal not bronze like the Americans manipulate. Who knows perharps if China wins again American will throw racist insults against them just like when Japan won both the women''s football world cup and mens world baseball classic 2009 against Americans. ONE REASON USA is surpassing is because many Americans athletes keep doping and most of it's Gold medals are won by Phelps. Just look American runner Maria jones, Carl Lewis both caught cheating and lied to IOC about not doping. Now more recently, U.S Tyler Hamilton cyclist an gold medal cyclist was stripped of it's medal today after testing positive, now look at Lance Armstrong. How many more Gold medals did U.S A get always that we don't know about. American athlete was also the first to be expelled in this years olympic. The Canadian football team dominated, but the referee was extremely biased, favoring Americans like 95% of the time. American claims Usain bolt AMERICA = ranked top 3 in the world cheating and doping list. List of doping cases in athletics ( America ranks 2nd after Nigeria) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_doping_cases_in_athletics List of doping cases in sports (America ranks 1st) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_doping_cases_in_sport List of performance enhancement drugs use ( America's ranked 1st) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Use_of_performance-enhancing_drugs_in_the_Olympic_Games 3RD REASON Recently IOC busted 2 American superstar athelete of doping so there is no telling how many more Gold medal American got away with cheating and lying to the world Tyler Hamilton Doping: IOC Formally Strips U.S. Cyclist Of Athens 2004 Gold http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/10/ioc-formally-strips-tyler_0_n_1763934.html IOC strips American runner Crystal Cox of 2004 relay gold medal for doping http://www.cbc.ca/olympics/trackandfield/story/2012/07/21/sp-track-and-field-olympics-crystal-cox-doping-medal-2004.html
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Benefits: nation visualize increase, self-confident of citizen, useful experience of holding ceremony, improve the construction of the city. problems: has none for the moment. a little inflation maybe.

Calida Calida
The home team always has an advantage, but the US spends far more on sports than any other country, so can always be expected to win the most medals. In any event, China is close behind the US, has lead at times, it could easily still win the overall medal count. BTW, Phelps did a lot better in 2008 than this year, so that's just a silly suggestion.
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Alys Alys
I am Chinese. For people who suggest that it's because China cheats, THINK AGAIN. I asked my mother "how come China performs so well in Olympics?" and she reminded me that Chinese Olympics athletes are selected from a young age to undergo rigorous training in specialized sports schools, and then they go on to attend sports universities. China may have a bad image regarding honesty due to the government, but I don't think that's the case with Olympics. So please don't assume that China did better in 2008 because athletes cheated. Also, the difference really isn't that big. Now, China has 37 gold medals, US has 41. There are still a few events, and star athletes come and go.
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Vernon Vernon
USA & China are big countries with huge populations hence they have a larger pool of talent to choose from. China is also spending more on sport and is on par with the USA in terms of medal count, there's not much between them now. It's not just about having a huge population thought. You need the culture and investment in sport. Take India for example, they have a huge population but do poorly in the medal table. Personally I'm more impressed with countries with a high medals to population ratio. If you look at it this way the smaller countries like Grenada, Jamaica, Croatia etc outperformed both USA and China.
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Rory Rory
China only joined in 1984, and for a nation with such short history in olympics, China could be the greatest nation to have improved dramatically over the years. The programs put in place to popularise sports in China is commendable, and the results are shown through each olympics China participated in. Instead of trying to bash down good performances, we should appreciate that they have made great strides in sports. China deserves the accolates for doing well. On the contrary, USA is starting to lose dominance in areas it excelled in, especially in track and field. Other countries are just catching up, and USA has never felt more vulnerable. **USA has more than 100 years of participation in the olympics, and China only 24 years!
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