Is this a case of white privilege?

Is this a case of white privilege? Topic: Trayvon martin case story
July 19, 2019 / By Ghislain
Question: A white-hispanic man by the name of George Zimmerman attacked and killed a child by the name of trayvon Martin because he supposedly looked suspect while carrying a bag of skittles and Arizona tea for his little brother to enjoy the NBA all star game. Although it is obvious that he is the killer and the murder may have been racially motivated he is still running free while trayvons family has to suffer. Could this be a Classic case of white privilege? Please no racist comments, a child is dead I.e. Ronald McDonald
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Demi Demi | 9 days ago
I think the problem is with how people think about racial problems. Now, I don't think this was a case of virulent, overt racism. What I think it is an example of is the subconscious biases people have toward certain racial groups - in this case, specifically young, black men. The reason Martin seemed suspicious to George was because of his race - he subconsciously associated young black men with danger or criminals. Similarly, the reason Zimmerman's story seemed so believable to the police was because they had the same subconscious biases. The problem isn't overt racism, this isn't as much of a problem anymore. The problem is all of the subconscious biases we were all raised with - this is what we need to fight against. Update: But, to more directly answer your question, yes, I think the fact that he wasn't arrested is an example of white privilege. If the shooter had been black, he probably would have been arrested.
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Calanthe Calanthe
white privilege does not apply to mexicans. OMG sophie. & EVERYBODY. Do you really think that he wasn't arrested based on skin color? what a f*cking tired subject. Skin color does not trump law. If there was any legal cause for him to be arrested then he would be behind bars right now. The cops knew this was going to be on the news & they knew what people would say. They knew they could & would be held accountable for letting a murderer walk. Do you really think they put their careers & lives on the line just to do a "white" guy a favor? You really think the "good ol boy network" is something cops are willing to stake their livelihood on? F*CK THAT. I would sooner frame a fellow white man (innocent) for murder to avoid that situation.
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