Does anyone watch the soap opera "Passions"?

Does anyone watch the soap opera "Passions"? Topic: Soap opera research
July 19, 2019 / By Gertie
Question: I am so addicted and soo sad that they're canceling it!!! I even got my boyfriend addicted, lol I saw it on the tyra show, it was a soap opera episode and miguel and kay came out saying they're going to stop shooting the show in the summer, I dont know now why. It is such a good show.
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Delta Delta | 7 days ago
I am addicted to it (as dumb as some episodes are..it's still good). I have been watching it ever since it debuted in '99. I am madly pissed that they're canceling it after the Summer. I too, saw Heidi (and Miguel...forget his real name) on Tyra saying that they were. Moments later, I got online and went to NBC.COM/PASSIONS to research this. It's being canceled for an extra hour of the Today Show. Stupid reason. LOL I have been such a big fan, so therefore I feel you and your boyfriend's pain! Lots of Love, Star
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Caitlyn Caitlyn
I am a fan of Passions but I hardly get to watch it because it starts at 2 P.M. at my time and that means school has not ended. I am kind of shocked to find out that they're going to cancel it but to know the show has aired close to a decade think it is time for them to shut down. Most of the character in the show has died, I'm guessing they couldn't come up with no more plots. To point out that Passions is not really a bad show. I watch whenever I can. I don't like any other soap operas then Passions maybe because I like the drama it brings out more than the others. There hardly any good things happening in the show. Things just get worse and worse which is a plus because I am a BIG fan of drama movies and shows.
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Alva Alva
I watch this show everyday. I also found out the news on the Tyra Bancks show. I was so upset. I want Louis and Fancy to get together. I will be so mad if Thersea and Ethan do not get together before the end of the show. I think the show will be over in September. I don't watch anyother soap's so I will be lost with out Passions.
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Vance Vance
I watched it for like .. 4 years, then it just got really stupid ... like it takes AGES .... sooo many episodes for one issue to be resolved ! Well before i was addicted, with the whole Luis-Sheridan & Luis' brother love triangle . .umm .. cant remember. But i hated how the whole evil Charity thing and Tabitha the witch ... didn't like the whole supernatural thing in a soap opera. But basically i got sick and tired of waiting for so long to see something actually happen . It needs more action, less talk. Overall quite addictive when u get into it but.
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Ron Ron
My boyfriend and I watch it sometimes to have a few laughs. I didn't know they're canceling it though
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Mo Mo
definite, and not something as nicely the unbelieveably stupid drama that happens accepted. i'm confident in case you're sensible sufficient to type this question, you're sensible sufficient to choose an afternoon's incredibly worth of plot.
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