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July 19, 2019 / By Gerry
Question: A little background info. We just got into the genetics section and having a hard time understanding this material. This is 1 of 2 extra credit of mono hybrids. here the information... Genes to be used: 1. Widow’s peak: W has a widow’s peak; w does not have a widow’s peak 2. Talent for languages: L can learn languages easily; l cannot learn languages easily 3. Upturned, pixie nose: P nose straight, not pixie-like; p nose upturned, like a pixie 4. Curly hair (incomplete dominance): C very curly hair; c very straight hair; heterozygous (Cc), wavy hair 5. Bent pinkie finger: B pinkie finger is straight; b pinkie finger has a curve in it 1. Miriam has no talent for learning languages, she is married to Tim who does. They have a child together, Pierre, who also has a talent for languages. What are Tim and Miriam’s possible genotypes? What possible gametes can they produce (e.g., what is the distribution of their alleles for this trait into their gametes)? What are the possible genotypes of their son? Show your Punnett squares for determining Pierre’s genotype. Can you definitively figure out the parental genotypes from this investigation? (3 points) 2. Michael has a pixie nose, it is very adorable, and he figured that all his children would show this trait (because he likes it so). He has a total of 4 children with Jennifer who doesn’t have a pixie nose. However, all but one of their children lack pixie noses (have straight noses like Jennifer) and he suspects that Jennifer has perhaps cheated on him for some of these children. Is this situation possible? What is Michael’s genotype for this trait and what type of gametes can he produce? What are the children’s genotypes (or possible genotypes)? What would Jennifer’s genotype have to be to have this happened (e.g., she didn’t cheat and all children were fathered by Michael) and what are her possible gametes? Show all your Punnet squares for this investigation. (4 points) 3. Marie has a wonderful widow’s peak, however her husband, David, went bald prior to their meeting and he doesn’t remember if he had a widow’s peak or not. Their son doesn’t have a widow’s peak at all. What are the genotypes of Marie, David, and their son? (1 point) 4. Trent has a bent pinky finger, his girlfriend Bitsy has a straight pinky finger but she isn’t sure if she’s homozygous or heterozygous for this trait. What is Trent’s genotype for this trait, what type of gametes can he produce? What are Bitsy’s possible genotypes and the possible gametes she can produce? Can they have a child with straight pinky fingers? (2 points) any help would be great. thank you
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Delphine Delphine | 6 days ago
draw four squares, like this; ___ |_|_| |_|_| on the top of the square write the letters corrasponding to one of the mates, for example a windows peak has the letters WW or Ww(so long as there is a capital W they have a widows peak) the other mate write the letters on the side, like below ---Ww W|_|_| w-|_|_| match up the letters, put the resualts in the squares, for example ________ |WW|WW| |Ww-|-ww| ----------- each box represents the likely hood of a child inheariting a specific type of feature, in this case, there is a 1 in 4 odds of the kid not having a widows peak, and a 3 in for odds of him having it. the first part of your question gives you what the letters represent for each feature, if they don't mention what the combination mean assume that a capital letter always overrides the effects of a lower case letter. for number 3 youll need to do it backwords, so i will help you with that one, so the wife has a widows peak, you arn't sure about the huspand so start blank: ---???? ?|??|??| ?|??|??| ---------- in order to have a widows peak you need a capital W, and you cant have a capital W and not have a widows peak so... ---???? W|??|??| -?|??|ww| -------- the wife needs a lowercase w(or else the the kid would defiantly have a widows peak) the same thing goes for the husband -----?--w W|??|??| -w|??|ww| -------- now genotype is the letters, phenotype is what you get as a result of those letters, so we know the wife must have Ww, the kid must be ww the husband though can either be Ww or ww.
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parents male nnbb + female NnBb gametes nN or nn or nn or nn bB nNbB nnbB nnbB nnbB bB nNbB nnbB nnbB nnbB bb nNbb nnbb nnbb nnbb bb nNbb nnbb nnbb nnbb normal coat brown eyes 2 normal coat blue eyes 2 black coat brown eyes 2 black coat blue eyes 10
Delphine Originally Answered: Dihybrid Cross Punnet square help.?
this will possibly no longer make a number of experience yet once you think of approximately it and placed notwithstanding letters you like in it would come to you. The phenotypic ratio for a dihybrid pass is 9:3:3:a million The genotypic ratio for a dihybrid pass is a million:2:a million:2:4:2:a million:2:a million it quite is impossible to attraction to out the punnet sq. able like this yet those ought to get you began.

Cailyn Cailyn
each and each man or woman has 2 alleles for blood. If the father has phenotype B blood he might have the genotypes BB or BO. If the mum has phenotype A, she might have AA or AO. The Punnet sq. of a bypass between BO and AO could provide offspring a raffle of having AB, AO, BO, or OO which correspond to a 25% risk of the phenotypes AB, A, B, and O. the only way for an offspring of those human beings to get an O allele from the two mom and dad could be if the mum and dad had genotypes BO and AO. The intercourse chromosomes are X and Y. adult males have XY and girls have XX. The women have a one hundred% risk of giving their offspring an X chromosome. adult males have a 50% risk of giving an X (ensuing in a woman zygote) and a 50% risk of giving a Y chromosome (ensuing in a male zygote).
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Cailyn Originally Answered: Bio Help - Genes, Phenotypes, Punnet Squares, Etc.?
He would have to breed with a non deaf Dalmatian because if the dog was Dd, and you needed DD, you need another D so the unknown dog has to be homozygous dominant for the best chance of non deaf puppies.
Cailyn Originally Answered: Bio Help - Genes, Phenotypes, Punnet Squares, Etc.?
Actually, you would want to breed the dog with a deaf (dd) dalmation---this is called a test cross. You would want to breed with a homozygous recessive organism because you're trying to find out if the dog the guy is about to purchase is Dd or DD. If it's DD ALL of the offspring will be able to hear. If it is Dd, then 25% of the offspring may be deaf. For most of these testcrosses you'll encounter in class, you'll always want to test cross with a recessive homozygous organism. I would suggest doing the punnet squares out yourself to assure yourself that this answer makes sense.

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