Want to get rid of that stupid GAP ad?

Want to get rid of that stupid GAP ad? Topic: Ad writing service
July 17, 2019 / By Georgine
Question: If you are sick of that GAP ad just post a big F-U to GAP and Yahoo! We give this site soooo much traffic and they go ahead and slap that auto play GAP add with no option to disable it. It is rude and it is forceful advertisement. If anything it will make me like the GAP less!! FU!! You are a genius!! I just installed it and it worked! FireFox Rules!I still hate that. I will not forget that ad next time I am in the mall. I will settle for a Younkers shirt rather than buy GAP!
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Best Answers: Want to get rid of that stupid GAP ad?

Delphia Delphia | 4 days ago
That GAP AD is so annoying! I found a way to get rid of it! If you download and run Firefox as your browser, there is an add on program you can install which will make it disappear totally off your page. Simply do a search for Firefox then for the Firefox add on called Adblock. (I tried putting in the links but got a 999 message from Yahoo.) Once you install both of those, look down in the very bottom right hand corner of your screen where you will see: Adblock. Click on it then disable the second item up from the very bottom of the list. (At least that what worked for me.) Also, you can write an e-mail to Gap and let them know what you think about their obnoxious, senseless advertisement: "gap.com Customer Service"
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Caetlin Caetlin
Yes, it is most annoying. I, however, use Firefox as my browser and installed Adblock, a Firefox plugin, which totally eliminates that ad! If you decide to do this, you'll find it down in the right hand corner of your window after installation which you can then click on, locate and disable the Gap Ad. You can also access Yahoo Answers through Yahoo Canada, who is NOT running the obnoxious GAP ad, by clicking on the Canadian flag down on the bottom of Yahoo Answers screen. I sent an e-mail to Gap Customer Care by going to their website and clicking on Contact Us.
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Almah Almah
Glad to know I'm not the only one who's hating this ad! I've been pausing it every time it starts, but muting my computer seems like a much better idea. Has anyone tried complaining to Yahoo instead of the Gap?
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Val Val
Yes, I definitely agree, and it's truly amazing that Yahoo and Gap can't figure that out as fast as we can and remove that ad. Why do they think their reputations and products are enhanced by something like that? Don't they have any understanding about testing advertising strategies? Both Yahoo and Gap have fallen on hard times and aren't as innovative as they used to be, and this is further proof of their stupidity.
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Rolo Rolo
I hate it too. Its all peaceful and quiet, and then BAM.. I get a loud giggle and hear some annoying voices. Then I try to push pause and It just opens the GAP window.... annoying..
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