What is a good movie for a 17 year old Asperger's child to watch?

What is a good movie for a 17 year old Asperger's child to watch? Topic: Writing letter to judge character
July 18, 2019 / By Georgina
Question: He typically watches Nickelodeon shows but I would like him to watch a more mature movie so he can discuss it afterwards.
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Deloris Deloris | 3 days ago
"Smoke Signals" should have a lot for you to discuss. There are some serious relational issues in it, and Thomas is pretty clueless about getting along with Victor. You see the two of them as infants, and as 12-years olds. When you see the two of them as adults, they still have the same problems getting along with each other! You'll be the best judge of whether you need to talk about the idea of flashbacks before the movie. Some kids find them confusing, but you know your kid better than I do. You may want to watch the movie by yourself first. It may be helpful to divide the movie into five to ten smaller chunks. Watch, discuss, watch, discuss. "Victor just said Thomas is lying. Is it important for Suzy to know whether Thomas is lying or telling the truth? Do you think she cares?" Kids with Asperger's Syndrome and related conditions probably hate questions wihout one answer that is clear-cut and obvious even more than their peers, but it's a part of life that they should learn to deal with at 17, anyway! The 10-13 year old students I've shown it to have really been able to identify with the characters. I invite them to pretend that the characters in the movie are real people. They can choose a character to write a letter to. Their letters show a real empathy for the situations the characters have to deal with. With Asperger's syndrome, that may or may not work, but you'll probably learn something from trying. After that one, you might want to try "Breakfast Club". If you, yourself, like "Smoke Signals" then you may want to read Sherman Alexie's new young adult novel, the third link below.
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Deloris Originally Answered: I'm 85% sure my child has Asperger's. Should I get an official diagnosis?
Yes, get the diagnosis. I've posted an answer on another quesiton of yours about an IEP. It's hard as a parent to know that there is something different about your child and what labeling them is going to do to them. It's not a label, it's a diagnosis. It's a way of getting him help (through school, social skills training) that he needs. I can sit there all day & tell my son what is acceptable socially and try to teach him about the world and why things are the way they are. That isn't what he needs. The therapists are trained in these areas and they really do break through with these kids. My son made a complete 360 with his social skills. Simple things that I couldn't get through with him. Watching him interact with other kids was the hardest thing for me. I wanted to cry at times at how hard it was for him to get someone to play with him. Sure, he could play with younger kids. They're just excited to have an older kid play with them. But to watch other 8 year olds laugh at him or just plain ignore him is very hard. Luckily....the light at the end of the tunnel is that social skills training also tackles the communication aspect of it too. He is capable of the "give & take" in conversations now. It just takes time. Also, getting the school behind you helps. His classmates thought he was odd, bratty, selfish & difficult at the beginning of the year. Once we understood that he had Asperger's & couldn't help it we took the time to read "all cat's have Asperger's Syndrome" to the class and have a little party for them. It did wonders for him. The kids began to understand him better and became his friend. They stood up for him whenever other kids tried to bully him. I've said this before, a label is a label is a label. My son understands what Asperger's is and he loves to explain it to people. He knows he's special and he's positive about it. He's a science whiz and tells people he's going to be a scientist or the next Bill Gates. He knows now that he's not wierd and understands that it's the AS that makes noises, smells & textures unbearable at times. And as far as treatment goes...so what if there's no offical treatment. There are solutions....social skills training & understanding. I hope I helped. I feel like I rant sometimes.....

Caelie Caelie
Either of the ''Scooby Doo'' live action movies. If he likes (liked?) the cartoon episodes, he might enjoy the movies with real people. The shows always have the same plot structure--which may be attractive to your son. That could be a bridge between Nick shows and movies with people. He could be asked WHO were the main chararacters, WHAT was the problem or conflict and HOW it was resolved or how it ended...
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Alma Alma
well I just looked up what that was. You want to introduce the child to new things so try something that's different from what they usually watch. I like Crash think change is good.
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Uzziel Uzziel
hmm one movie i happen to LOVE is National Treasure its a cool adventure movie. plus they are comming oyut with a sequel later this month
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Bedtime Stories -very cute Four Christmases -very funny Seven Pounds -a couple friend saw it and said it was ok but not great The Day the Earth Stood Still -hated it The Tale of Despereaux -ok but too many subplots going on at once Valkyrie -haven't seen it Doubt -haven't seen it Marley & Me -very good but not based on the book enough The Curious Case of Benjamin Button -very, very good The Spirit -haven't seen it Yes Man -same old Jim Carrey

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